All About Swarovski Crystals – We’ve all heard about Swarovski Crystals and imagined the once famous sparkling swan logo. However, many questions about Swarovski are asked every day, especially about Swarovski crystals for DIY and crafts. Look no further, we’ll answer all your questions about the iconic crystal maker.

All About Swarovski Crystals

All About Swarovski Crystals

swarovskijewelry – In this article, we will discuss the most frequently asked questions, such as how and where to buy Swarovski crystals, how to apply crystals to various products surface color, what are the types of Swarovski crystals and many other topics.

What are Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski crystals, also known as Swarovski stones and crystal elements, are very fine machine-cut glass stones used in DIY. to industry. decoration, jewelry, fashion, costumes, nail art, beauty, and general creative and performing arts.

Which crystals are suitable for DIY and crafts?

Swarovski produces a variety of crystal products, including jewelry and watches, statues, decorative pieces, accessories and fashion clothing. But they also serve the DIY sector, which includes the creative industries: craftsmen, jewellers, costume makers, tailors, skirt makers and more. In this area, Swarovski produces a number of individual components for DIY, including flat stones (also known as diamonds or gems), pearls, pearls, rhinestones, gems, needle crystals, buttons, rhinestones and jewels.

Is Swarovski made from real crystal?

Although the exact manufacturing process is unknown, Swarovski crystals are made from a type of glass called quartz sand and other natural minerals. Mined quartz sand is heated to very high temperatures and then melted. The liquid sand is then put into a mold and cut into small pieces before being cooled. These pieces are then cut by machine into certain shapes and ready for the next process.

Where can you order Swarovski crystals?

In October 2015, Swarovski decided to limit who could buy and sell. and using its crystal components. Since then, the supplier of Swarovski components, which include flat crystals, pearls, pearls, rhinestones, etc, has sold its remaining components and has been unable to replenish its inventory. Only companies that meet the strict requirements set by Swarovski can buy and sell its products. However, this has now been restored and individuals can now purchase from Swarovski by applying for an account with them and completing the purchase requirements. Swarovski crystals are sold by several online retailers, we at Crystal Parade specialize in small crystals for nail art and vintage Swarovski crystals.

Can I buy Swarovski crystals in bulk packaging?

Now you can apply for a merchant account at Swarovski where you can purchase bulk packs in bulk. However, you may not use Swarovski’s name or logo when selling or promoting your work. If you are a businessman or creator who wants to use large quantities of Swarovski crystals sustainably, applying for a wholesale account will benefit your business. Smaller retail quantities, still available from many suppliers including Crystal Parade, are useful for individual projects or if you want to experiment with lots of different products, such as nail art.


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Are Swarovski the best crystals for nail art?

If you’re a nail artist who relies on using the Swarovski name to promote their business, it’s best to use genuine Swarovski nail art crystals, but if you want to offer affordable manicures, using Preciosa or Zodiac crystals is just as good. . If you’re working with smaller crystals, like nail art, it’s very difficult to tell the quality of the brand, so if your customers don’t care much about the brand name, choose a cheaper option.

How do I know I am using genuine Swarovski crystals?

If you are unsure whether you ordered crystals in the correct color, size or brand, we are happy to help. You can send us a picture of the crystals you have and we can identify them for you. Or if you have clothing or other items you would like to add crystals to, we can recommend the best products and recommend complementary colors. Alternatively, you can purchase a crystal color chart that contains examples of each color, shape, and size. For more information on choosing the right crystals for your project, check out our ultimate guide.

What is the difference between Xilion and Xirius?

Xirius refers to the stars cut into the surface of the stone, which gives it more luster and shine. shining shining This is the latest piece designed by Swarovski and its name is inspired by the star Xirius. Xilion was a previous cut that has now been decommissioned to make room for Xirius. The sides appear triangular, alternating large and small.

What is meant by SS?

SS means the “size” of the stone followed by a number and the size in millimeters. Generally SS2 to SS10 are small sizes used for nail art, beauty, jewelry and dental beads. SS12 – SS20 is often used in dance, costumes, crafts, card making and textiles. SS30 – SS48 is more commonly used in Irish dance, theater costumes and costumes. Learn more about stone sizes in our Ultimate Guide here.

How to apply Swarovski crystals to fabric?

There are several ways to attach Swarovski crystals to fabric: heat treatment, gluing, sewing or riveting. Hot fix is ​​ideal for applying large amounts of stone quickly without messing with a hot applicator or household iron. Glue, also known as the non-hotfix method, is an easier and cheaper way to apply the crystals, although you will also need to purchase glue. For larger crystals, including stones, buttons, pearls, and beads, sewing is a durable and neat application method. For more information on various application methods, see the Ultimate Guide to Attaching Rhinestones to Fabric.

What is Swarovski Chaton?

Swarovski crystals are fine crystals used in metal casings or jewelry. The top of the chaton is polished with a faceted stone and the bottom with foil (or can be opened for a completely transparent effect). The filmed pieces are glued to a box or box to form jewelry components. Caton can also be called sharp-backed crystal or 3D crystal, and is sometimes used as craft clay or glued to nails as part of a nail art design.


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What is meant by “facet”?

The term “facet” Facet refers to the cut given to the stone. A facet is glass cut into a flat surface that bends light inward and reflects light outward, thereby creating light. The more parts a stone has, the more it reflects light and shines. Swarovski Xirius flat crystals are 16-sided, meaning they have 16 sides at slightly different angles to reflect light.

What is the difference between Swarovski pearls and natural pearls?

Swarovski pearls are imitation, so they are basically made of glass. the stones are then covered with a fine layer of pearlescent to mimic the luster of natural pearls. The Swarovski pearl coating is smooth, durable and scratch-resistant.

What is Swarovski transfer?

Swarovski transfers are crystal designs that are applied to fabric using heat. The transfer can be done in advance with Swarovski or you can do it yourself with Quick Fix Transfer Film. Swarovski crystals can contain any animal designs, popular shapes, logos, letters, numbers and slogans.

How to keep Swarovski crystals safe?

It is important to look after your Swarovski crystals even when you are not using them. . them If you have crystals in your craft kit that you haven’t used yet, store them in tight packaging or storage containers. This will prevent scratches or cracks. Storage containers are also a great way to separate colors, sizes, shapes, etc., especially if you work with many different crystals, as a nail artist or crafter. Larger crystals such as fancy stones, buttons, or sewn-on shapes are best separated by storing them in their original packaging or wrapping them tightly in tissue paper.