Gifts You Can Buy At Swarovski Crystal Worlds – I must admit, I am one of those people who often think that there are only green hills and beautiful villages in Austria. For this reason, especially if it is not the film The Sound of Music! The more I am interested in traveling and learning about the world, the more I find that there are more interesting things in this European country.

Gifts You Can Buy At Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Gifts You Can Buy At Swarovski Crystal Worlds

swarovskijewelry – It’s not just majestic palaces, amazing natural wonders, and beautiful views there are many more amazing things around every corner.

The wonders of the world of Swarovski crystals

But what surprised me most was the enchanting wonderland in Wattens, Tyrol: The World of Swarovski Crystals, known as the World of Swarovski Crystals. It was hidden in a small town, as if it was a secret place.

The funny thing is, it turns out that this place has become an open secret, a complete amusement park, museum, culinary paradise and shopping center, and happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria, and it is confirmed that, Did you know! In August 2019, Swarovski Crystal Worlds welcomed its 15 millionth visitor since opening in 1995!

Although this magical tourist spot is famous for the “Giant” art installation that has become the landmark of the place and the amazing “Room of Wonders”, it is also home to the largest Swarovski store as Wattens is also the birthplace of the brand. From sparkling accessories and decorative items to elegant everyday items, you can find it all here. Here you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones and souvenirs to remind you of your adventures in Austria.

Items you can buy at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
To help you out, we have a list of all the items you can buy at Swarovski Crystal Worlds. This is your guide to purchasing timeless treasures in a world full of wonders!

1. Souvenir from the exclusive Swarovski Crystal Worlds collection

You are in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria. So why not buy a souvenir to remember your visit? The best way to remember your trip is with a lasting crystal keepsake! Swarovski Crystal Worlds Store offers exclusive branded items, including colorful jewelry, accessories and figurines inspired by Austrian landscapes and traditions.

To make your purchase more meaningful, we recommend that you purchase certain items from the Select “Giants” collection, available exclusively at the Swarovski Kristallwelten store in Watten and in the gift shop. Some of our favorites include necklaces, pendants, and also statues inspired by the famous Swarovski Crystal World outdoor installation!

2. Iconic crystal figure from Swarovski

Of all the items available to purchase at Swarovski Crystal World, crystal figures are the most popular. These beautiful decorative items are perfect for refreshing your living room or giving as a gift to someone who loves collecting them! The animal statues and Disney and Star Wars Collectibles are sure to turn heads. Some of them are limited editions, so you might have to act fast to get them!

Apart from jewelry, Swarovski animal figures are also one of the most famous products ever. Interesting fact? It was a simple crystal rat that started it all! Swarovski statues made from chandelier components were first released in 1976. As time went by, their products became more complex in terms of design and materials.

If you too are a collector or want to start collecting, you will definitely enjoy exploring the wide selection of Swarovski Crystal Worlds stores! (Warning: you will be addicted!)

Crystal statues of the most popular Disney characters and icons

You can also see your favorite Disney characters come to life in the form of super cute crystals designed like this. Regardless of whether you prefer classic animated films like Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast or something trendy like Frozen.

Collectible Star Wars statue

Star Wars images also look beautiful in crystal form. This collectible is something that any die-hard Star Wars fan should not miss. And if you’re just starting to collect Star Wars figures, we’re sure you’ll leave the gates of Swarovski Crystal World with your first item. Welcome to the dark side!

3. Timeless jewelry from various Swarovski product lines and collaboration projects

Of course, classic Swarovski jewelry will not be complete if you visit the World of Swarovski Crystals. You are guaranteed to have no choice, whether you want to use it for everyday use or special occasions.

If you are interested in purchasing Swarovski products, you are in luck. The Swarovski Kristallwelten store offers the largest selection of collections from Swarovski, Atelier Swarovski and Swarovski Kristallwelten and you can find them all here. This place is also a paradise for jewelry collectors!

From classic tennis bracelets and earrings to stunning pendants and stunning rings, Swarovski jewelry is stunning and unmatched works of art created from only the highest quality crystals and gemstones.

This jewelery will definitely elevate your #ootd and change up your look effortlessly! Plus, this jewelry is the perfect gift for all the important women in your life. After all, nothing says “I love you” more than Swarovski!

Looking for something different? Swarovski Crystal Worlds Store also displays unique contemporary works in collaboration with famous names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Versace and Roberto Cavalli. The store also offers special collections from new Swarovski designers released each season. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings, each piece combines Swarovski’s timeless elegance with the designer’s signature design.


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4. Stylish women’s accessories for every occasion

Ladies, the jewelry section is not the end of the fun! At the Swarovski Crystal Worlds Store you will also find a tempting selection of fashion accessories to complete your wardrobe.


Trust Swarovski to always find the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity! First of all, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the possibilities offered by Atelier Swarovski. We love how these sunglasses are encrusted with crystals, allowing you to elevate your everyday style without looking too flashy!


Swarovski Crystal



There’s nothing more glamorous than something sparkling, and the Atelier Swarovski purse definitely proves that while still showing class. Of all the models, we especially like the crystal mesh switch with crystal-embellished buckle. This wallet has a gold impression and is very suitable for enhancing your evening look. This wallet also features a removable chain strap so you can turn it into a great crossbody bag for various occasions.

5. Stylish men’s accessories

Men who love shopping will also get the best value at Swarovski Crystal Worlds! Crafted from leather, metal and crystal, this Men’s Collection item is perfect for those who want to look elegant by adding accessories to their outfit.


Why not jewelry? only for Women! Men’s bracelets from Swarovski decorated with crystals are a way to add a little personality to your appearance without sacrificing your masculine side. In our opinion, this bracelet is an accessory that every man must have!


Swarovski crystal cufflinks are perfect for special occasions. Available in a variety of models and colors, but for those who just want to look classy, ​​we recommend cufflinks with clear crystals.

6. Classic watch

Where fashion meets functionality in stylish Swarovski watches! Their watches in Swarovski’s signature style are the epitome of simple elegance and are designed to accompany you from day to night. You can choose a softer watch with a faceted crystal or a watch with a heated crystal and wear it with pride. Thanks to the large selection of great designs, we are sure that every man and woman will easily find what suits his style.

7. Smartphone accessories decorated with Swarovski crystals

If your phone is your best friend, there’s no harm in showing it a little extra love. Smartphone accessories decorated with Swarovski crystal stones can serve as pure decoration and still be functional. You can choose from a variety of cases so your phone doubles as a wallet! We love the black, silver, and rose gold models. Not only is it very interesting but it can also be described as fantastic.

8. Practical items with a little something extra

Why not take your everyday items to the next level? While these are one of the easiest items to obtain in the world of Swarovski crystals, they will definitely come in handy!

How can you resist these glittering baubles? Swarovski’s selection ranges from classic key chains with micro crystal beads to trendy jewelry with crystal stones. This great accessory easily adds a touch of character to your everyday items like bags, clutches and of course keys. Another plus is that these crystals are made to make great gifts or souvenirs for your loved ones!

9. Crystal pen and stylus

For a souvenir that doubles as a functional item, this pen is a perfect example! This trendy rollerball pen from Swarovski is filled with high-quality ink and designed with clear crystals, making this practical everyday tool a real pleasure to use. This pen is also refillable, giving you a great excuse to visit other Swarovski stores if you get the chance.

Additionally, if you belong to the past generation and are also a fan of the more modern world, you can opt for the Swarovski Two-in-One Stylus Pen. Equipped with a black silicone pen, this crystal decorated pen comes in handy on many occasions!