How AI Has Revolutionized the Jewelry Market – We know that since ancient times, jewels and jewelery have been a sign of wealth and prosperity. Even at a time when few people knew how to work metal, men and women decorated their bodies with jewels and were even buried with them.

How AI Has Revolutionized the Jewelry Market

How AI Has Revolutionized the Jewelry Market

swarovskijewelry – Throughout history, the technique of making the best gems has been a paradigm. in every way possible. Jewelry manufacturers now have the technology to produce fine and intricate jewelry in greater volumes than ever before, as we see in the market today.

The jewelry industry is currently experiencing a true revolution thanks to artificial intelligence. producing and selling precious stones. Companies like Microsoft are already experimenting with ways to design jewelry using AI, while the most innovative luxury brands have brought the latest AI to e-commerce in their online stores.

Want to explore the latest disruptive innovations that will change the fashion industry. forever? Then read on.

Five revolutionary innovations that artificial intelligence is bringing to the jewelry industry

The pandemic has changed the way people shop. Online shopping has been a priority for customers, but after the lockdown, online shopping has become more important than ever. Although people cannot show off their jewelry while giving birth, the jewelry industry is no exception to this trend. Online purchases of jewelry and watches in Spain grew to 13.2 million euros in the second quarter of 2020. According to the Spanish National Competition and Market Commission, these purchases increased by 86% compared to the same period in 2019. (CNMC).

And this online shopping trend is expected to continue into 2022, thanks in part to the adoption of telecommuting. Therefore, adapting online stores to consumer needs is a priority for the jewelry industry. To do this, barriers such as customer distrust or fear of purchasing unsuitable gems must be removed. And that’s where artificial intelligence comes in with its advanced technology that helps customers try on gems online, examine interesting gems as if they were right in front of them, and even help them choose gems just like in a store his assistant was with them.

According to the report “AI-Powered Companies: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale”, companies using artificial intelligence increased their sales of goods and services by more than 25%. AI can also help automate processes that can take hours.


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1. Try on gems digitally.

If customers can’t go to a store to try on gems, why not let them try them online?

There are already many digital samples showing interested customers how the earring or ring works. look at them. Potential customers can choose from custom designs on the jewelry retailer’s website and try them on using an AI interface. The technology effectively maps the position of their face or hands and places the jewelry on top, making it look like they are trying it on in a mirror. These are similar to the filters we see on Instagram or Snapchat, but are used in industry.

Jewelry companies like James Allen, founded in 2007 with a strong commitment to technology, have developed tools for trying on their rings (and even customizing the parts). All you have to do is visit their website, scan the QR code with your phone, choose a song, activate the camera, take a picture of your hand and put on the ring (although it has to be adjusted manually). Hey, presto! Very fitting.

2. Measure your ring size online

Knowing the ring size for the person you want to propose to can be difficult. You can’t ask it directly or maybe your partner doesn’t know. That’s why there are apps from famous jewelry brands like Tiffany that let you measure your partner’s ring size by placing your phone over any ring in the house.

But if you want to measure your ring size precisely and none of them are right for you, you. yourself, you can also use your hands (or fingers). For example, the Ring Size™ app by Hitched scans your ring finger and automatically tells you the size. This AI technology is perfect for jewellers: not only is it exciting news, it also removes the barrier of buying a ring online because I worry about not knowing if the size is right.

3. Tools for visualizing jewelry in online stores

Another problem with online sales in this industry is that customers want to see the product. They want to check the size, see the shine, the shape of the gem, whether the color is bright or dull. The ideal solution to all this is that the customer can see all the gems in the store right then and there. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with 3D hologram technology allows for a more detailed display of the pieces customers want to see. This allows them to first choose the products they like most and try them online later.

James Allen also introduced a tool on its site that allows them to visualize gems and diamonds in 3D, while providing consulting services to its customers.

Their catalog allows you to select any gem and rotate it, take a closer or further look, or buy it along with other jewelry. In this way, customers can choose the jewelry they like and, if they wish, get to know its features thoroughly with an expert.


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4. Real Time Diamond Inspection

Imagine using artificial intelligence to identify whether a diamond is real, fake, or contains impurities. Diamond Pro makes this possible thanks to its Ringo artificial intelligence. This technology can identify diamonds that are “appealing” to consumers based on their budget and preferred styles. In fact, the technology allows AI to detect particles or defects visible to the naked eye.

By relying on AI, the consumer diamond industry could experience a complete revolution as this still very new and developing technology can be used. to detect defects in diamonds to reassure consumers seeking purity.

5. Artificial Intelligence for Jewelry Design

Despite rapid developments in industrial production processes, most gemstone designs are still traditional, laborious and time-consuming tasks. It’s great to look for handcrafted gems that are carefully crafted and unique in the world. But what if we want to design gems according to scale?

A team of Microsoft researchers asked the same question and challenged themselves to change the way gems are designed. To redefine traditional jewelry practices, they developed an AI system using machine learning that can automate the process.

To do this, they ask AI to create different designs. They then rejected the least symmetrical or beautiful patterns and emphasized symmetrical and elegant patterns. Artificial intelligence then succeeded in creating beautiful and high-quality goods.

Such optimization methods combined with machine learning techniques can play an important role in various jewelry designs. Additionally, this technology is very comprehensive as it can be further adapted to incorporate new design principles and can be extended to other types of jewelry.

As you can see, AI knows no boundaries and is setting a precedent in both areas of jewelry sales and design. Companies that successfully adapt AI into their business models are not just pioneers; they are able to provide better service to their customers to become market leaders in their field.