How To Determine The Value of Swarovski Crystals – According to Annemarie, you need to know that the expected value at auction varies in each country. In Italy, for example, the prices of signs used by sellers are often much higher than in the Netherlands, where the abundance of online marketplaces can reduce prices.


How To Determine The Value of Swarovski Crystals

How To Determine The Value of Swarovski Crystals

swarovskijewelr – The best way to research online sales of specific Swarovski statues is to look for sales on auction platforms such as Catawiki.


It is also important to be aware of current trends. In the 90s we saw a hype around Swarovski crystals that lasted about 15 years. Today, many collectors already have traditional collectibles and tend to be more interested in colored and transparent figures made after 2008 and especially in Swarovski jewelry. Prices for these used items are currently stable, but it is important to keep an eye on trends as supply and demand will always drive prices. However, the following factors also affect the value of your Swarovski crystals.

Limited edition

In the mid-1970s, Swarovski began making statues as gifts for customers. There seemed to be a lot of interest and the characters were then offered for sale. In 1980, Swarovski began producing decorative items in limited quantities. For example, in 1987, the first annual issue of The Lovebirds magazine was published only in the United States.

To create a unique product, Swarovski decides how many products to produce. If the specified amount is full, the song will be banned. Then the deleted characters started appearing on the secondary market. Limited edition Swarovski items have better value, but it still depends on the market and demand.

Swarovski logo

To evaluate a statue or decorative element, you must ensure that it is a genuine Swarovski work. There are many crystal sculpture companies on the market, but there is no brand like Swarovski. Logos help differentiate genuine goods from fakes. Vintage Swarovski pieces produced between 1899 and 1988 have the Edelweiss logo. From 1976 to 1988 they used the SC logo and then it became the iconic swan logo that we know today. However, sometimes other logos are used, for example on the Trimlite collection or on the products of the import company Ebeling and Reuss. So, it’s important to do your research when looking at a logo.


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For the value of Swarovski pieces, the condition must also be checked. Swarovski crystals rarely lose their prime condition because they are made from highly durable glass and show no signs of aging. Only the glue used on old parts sometimes shows discoloration. However, Swarovski items can become damaged or chipped, reducing their value.


Swarovski boxes can determine the value of an item. Boxes are especially important for one-year editions, limited editions, and numbered editions because they are special products and cannot be replaced with other boxes. This special package is only suitable for certain characters and protects the item perfectly. The original packaging increases the value of the Swarovski crystal pieces.


The Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity is important for its value, especially for annual editions, limited editions and numbered editions. The print on the certificate must match the print on the crystal. Cannot be exchanged for other certificates of authenticity because the numbers do not match and only matching numbers add value. However, the other route’s Certificate of Authenticity is common and frequently exchanged, so it is somewhat less important in terms of its value.


A complete set will attract more buyers. Swarovski produces a large number of sets, including annual sets. Various categories such as Chinese Zodiac Collection, Disney Character Collection, Heavenly Characters, and Soulmate Collection are always popular.


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Annemarie’s Tips: Pricing Guidelines

The value of a Swarovski piece is based on its current availability or rarity, historical value, and resale value. Annemarie recommends consulting Swarovski’s pricing guide to determine some of these numbers. There are several books such as “Warner Blue Ribbon Books” that will help you identify your work, give you more information, and tell you the retail price and current price. Annemarie also used a guide created by Uitgeverij Assendorp in collaboration with Swarovski to find international replacement values ​​and looked at international online prices and Dutch market prices for items being sold.

Assessing value is not always easy. Some of these figures had high retail prices and are now being sold at very low prices. Additionally, some figures have the same retail price, such as Kris bears and Christmas ornaments, but have different collectible values. Therefore, sometimes one figure is not accepted for auction, while another figure from the same collection is.

It’s fun to add new character to your line and create your own Swarovski look at home. Are you still missing any parts? Catawiki sells the most beautiful Swarovski pieces every week. Visit our weekly Swarovski auctions and add new crystals to your collection today. Or, if you have decided that you have a valuable item that you would like to cash in on, auction it off. Annemarie can’t wait to see what you have and hopefully add your Swarovski crystals to our next auction.