Investing in Swarovski Crystals Is It Worth It – Many of our customers ask “is it worth spending money on Swarovski crystals?” and the truth is that there are pros and cons to investing in Swarovski crystals.


Investing in Swarovski Crystals Is It Worth It

Investing in Swarovski Crystals Is It Worth It

swarovskijewelry – We look at the pros and cons of well-known manufacturers and highlight some of the reasons why content creators are now turning to other popular brands.

Swarovski leads the competition in crystal quality

Swarovski is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of crystal and cut glass, using high-tech machinery to produce countless crystal components. Their range of faceted stones, sewn with stones, beads and pearls, the most popular components in the DIY sector, is at the forefront in cut quality and brilliance. For example, the 2088 Xirius flat stone, the newest cut, contains 16 star-shaped facets that give it a beautiful shine.

The round and flat pearl series have a smooth pearl exterior and a durable anti-scratch coating, making them popular among jewelry designers. The general standard for Swarovski foil crystals and stitched stones is the highest quality in the industry, with a smooth, even base and a scratch-resistant finish.

Offers a Large Product Range

Swarovski Crystals has a wide range of products for the DIY industry including quick fix and other quick fix rhinestones, pearls, pearls, cotton, fancy stones, cup chains, cabochons, sewn stones. , crystal pavers, stone sculptures and Crystal Pixie for Nail Art. And all of these components are available in a variety of sizes and colors, including neon, metallic, two-tone and iridescent finishes, as well as standard color options. You’ll find Swarovski crystals to match whatever project you’re working on.


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Swarovski brand introduction

If you are a company that sells products decorated with stones, such as a shoe or fashion designer, goldsmith, beautician, craftsman or tailor, a big advantage of using Swarovski crystals is brand recognition. This means everyone knows that you make a high-end product, and you can raise the price. Placing the Swarovski name or logo on your products is a great marketing and promotional tool because it gives buyers confidence and peace of mind that they are making a quality purchase.

Ahead of the Game with Innovative New Products

Typically, Swarovski leads the competition in new product launches and is one step ahead with new colors and styles. For example, the launch of the new “Xirius” pieces a few years ago was a huge leap for Swarovski in terms of quality. The star-like cuts on the sides transform the stone, giving it more sparkle. They were followed by Preciosa and their “Maxima” cut, which increased the number of parts from 12 to 15 – another big step up in quality.

Cost Increase

Swarovski continues to invest in advanced machinery and new crystal products, and among other factors, the prices of these items have increased dramatically in recent years. It is true that they produce the highest quality products, but many now believe that this does not justify the prices they charge. Overall, Swarovski is 30% more expensive than Preciosa in terms of DIY components and more than double the price of the Zodiac brand, which offers similar crystals.

Customers looking to purchase individual items to repair something like antique jewelry, chandeliers, shoes/accessories, prom dresses, or clothing will pay more than just replacement crystals.

Swarovski Cuts UK Retailers

In October 2021, Swarovski decided to limit who could buy, sell and use its crystal components. Since then, suppliers of Swarovski components, which include faceted crystals, pearls, mother-of-pearl, fine stones, etc., sold the remainder but did not increase inventory. This is another reason why prices are rising. Only customers who meet the strict requirements set by Swarovski can buy and sell their products; an already premium brand wanted to upgrade its status to elite and premium, thus turning off many UK customers and making purchasing difficult.


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The Rise of Alternative Brands

Historically, Swarovski was known as the world’s best crystal producer, but now two nearby brands, Preciosa and Zodiac, as well as several Chinese manufacturers, have invested heavily in the state of the art machine to provide quality alternatives.

PRECIOSA – Preciosa Stone is widely available, producing high quality cut glass components for rival Swarovski. Even before 2021, many previously loyal Swarovski customers turned to Preciosa to purchase very similar but cheaper products. The entire Preciosa product range is available to purchase on our website and you can read more about Preciosa here.

ZODIAC – We have spent years researching, testing and verifying various gemstone manufacturers to provide a higher quality, cost-effective alternative to the more expensive and now limited Swarovski brand. And we know we destroyed it with Zodiac Crystals. Zodiac is Swarovski’s alternative brand of ground stone that has the same number of facets and the same Xirius style as Swarovski’s 2088 crystal, giving Zodiac nearly the same shine. When compared side by side, it is almost impossible to see the difference between the two brands. We have had many customers comment on the similarities between Zodiac and Swarovski and most of them have now switched to Zodiac.

Rapid Depreciation

Unfortunately, Swarovski stones do not retain their value over time because Swarovski always invests money in improving existing products, leaving older products of lower quality and undesirable. Of course, innovating and improving products and keeping up with new industry innovations is important, but this comes at a cost. We recently purchased Swarovski crystals that were actually 14 times more expensive than we paid.