Marc Newson and Swarovski Optik Create AI Binoculars – Designed by Marc Newson and unveiled at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Swarovski Optik’s AX Visio Binoculars are equipped with artificial intelligence to identify bird and animal species.

Marc Newson and Swarovski Optik Create AI Binoculars

Marc Newson and Swarovski Optik Create AI Binoculars

swarovskijewelry – Swarovski Optik – a segment of the Swarovski Group dedicated to sports optics such as binoculars and binoculars – announced that it considers the AX Visio to be the world’s first smart binoculars, capable of detecting around 9,000 species of birds and wildlife in real time.

It is aimed primarily at bird watchers, but also at hunters. The invention includes an augmented reality display so that users can see species information in the image in front of them, without having to look away to look at a book or phone. or Binocular friends

AX Visio is designed for bird watchers.

Users turn a dial such as a digital camera to bird or mammal detection mode to activate the feature and click a button to start detection.

The AX Visio also features a camera for taking photos and videos as well as a “share your discovery” mode that lets users mark the location of an object of interest before transferring the binoculars to someone else.

Without digital capabilities, the AX Visio still functions as an analog range of binoculars with an additional lens between the two standard lenses to allow for digital functionality.

Users see species-identifying information in front of their view. AX Vision’s added value for users is a true viewing experience enhanced by digital input, andquot; said Andreas Gerk, director of technology and operations at Swarovski Optik.

Newson, an industrial designer, said in an interview on the Swarovski Optik website that working on a first-of-its-kind product that integrates all the technologies – including augmented reality, Bluetooth, GPS and cameras was special. – There’s a challenge in a small package.

It’s rare for a designer to work on something that’s a first-class product, that’s inherently interesting and challenging, Newson said. Binoculars are traditionally just analog objects that, while impressive and futuristic, are essentially two-dimensional.

There are also features that help users share discoveries with their peers. AX Visio has a different typology and is completely new in its combination of optics and technology, he added. Like modern cameras, there are optical, electronic and digital.


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The AX Visio is Newson and Swarovski Optik’s second product after the CL Curio compact traditional binoculars. The AX Visio has the same extruded aluminum bridge and focus wheel arrangement as that model.

Newson said he strove for AX Visio to be “intuitive, modern and essential, easy on the hand and eye, and at the same time somewhat private.

“I want them to be accessible and usable” he says. The design of performance objects tends to be complex, and I hope to create something that is the opposite – intuitive and inviting.

The AX Visio functions like an analog binocular when the digital settings are turned off. It took a lot of time to rationalize the structure – and apply manufacturing expertise.

The AX Visio is designed for repair and disassembly, which Swarovski Optik says is standard equipment for the brand, and future updates will be available via the accompanying app, so the product will last for years.

It also has an open programming interface and welcomes third-party vendors to develop new features for the binoculars.

Vision of AX was designed by Marc Newson for Swarovski Optik. The data and parts of the AI ​​model for bird identification come from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which published the Merlin Bird ID app. Swarovski Optik handles integration into the device.


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The binoculars were launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, held annually in Las Vegas.

Born in Australia, Newson is one of the world’s most famous industrial designers. One of his early works, the Lockheed Lounge from 1990, is now the world’s most expensive design object number 039, and luxuries such as diamond rings and limited edition samurai swords feature prominently in his work.

His more accessible designs include a toaster and kettle for Australian brand Sunbeam and a public toilet in Tokyo, and he is also known for working with Jony Ive at Apple.

With the AX VISIO, now presented at CES 2024, Marc Newson maintains the modern look and intuitive handling of the world’s first artificial intelligence binoculars created for Swarovski Optik. The ergonomic design makes the binoculars easy to hold and the AX VISION is also the second collaboration between Marc Newson and Swarovski Optik, after they worked on the CL Curio.

CES 2024 will be held at various locations in Las Vegas from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. January 2024. For an up-to-date list of architecture and design events around the world, see Dezeen’s Event Guide.

‘The device’s analog components, such as optics and housing, meet our robust SWAROVSKI OPTIK quality standards. The performance of digital features is regularly updated and improved through regular system and feature updates. The open programming interface allows creative third-party vendors to extend AX Vision with new features.

Tujuan kami adalah untuk mempromosikan sistem inovatif yang terus berkembang dan memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna untuk meningkatkan visi dan informasi tambahan seefisien mungkin, kata Andreas Gerk, Direktur Teknologi dan Operasi di SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Mulai 1 Februari 2024, AX Visio akan tersedia untuk dibeli di pengecer tertentu dan online.