Modern Women’s Watch Making From Swarovski – When people think of Swarovski, they usually think of high-quality diamond replacement crystals, sometimes referred to as Swarovski stones or crystals. Most Swarovski stones are faceted glass crystals that resemble the brilliance of diamonds, but of course at a much cheaper price.

Modern Women’s Watch Making From Swarovski

Modern Women's Watch Making From Swarovski

swarovskijewelry – The brand has an interesting history and still produces some historic products, such as display figures, and of course also sells the crystals to companies around the world who use them to decorate other products. Perhaps the most interesting side of Swarovski is their affordable jewelry and watch stores, which produce high-quality, well-designed pieces for today’s woman.

However, Swarovski has often been silent about their hugely successful line of watches, which the company first launched in 2009. As a watch connoisseur, I have always been impressed with the design and value that Swarovski offers in the sub-$1,000 and often sub-$500 price ranges. .

Swarovski also offers several men’s watches, but these watches remain a specialty item in its watch offering. Perhaps the most interesting are men’s mechanical watches, which are truly unique and inspired and demonstrate a great sense of design.

A number of product series fill the Swarovski women’s watch collection and currently the most popular lines are the Swarovski Citra, Lovely Crystals and Crystalline collections. My personal favorite is a model from the Octea collection, but I’m talking about a man reviewing a women’s watch.

One of the things that, in my opinion, sets Swarovski watches apart is its interest in traditional watch design, but also its sincere commitment to modernity. Their watches are fresh and original, while maintaining the important proportions of aesthetics, legibility and comfort. As a modern company, they also have new products such as the Swarovski Shine, a wrist activity tracker (or pendant) for women created in collaboration with the company Misfit.

To find out more about Swarovski watches, I first spoke with Mr Hanspeter Hanschick, head of Swarovski watches department. Hanspeter is a watch industry veteran who, in my opinion, is primarily responsible for ensuring a high level of quality in both design and construction.

It makes sense to understand their product knowing that “security guards” help run the show. I interviewed Mr. Robert Buchbauer, a member of the Swarovski family who, as head of Swarovski’s consumer goods business, is also a member of Swarovski’s executive board. Here’s what he had to say about Swarovski watches.

Ariel Adams: The watch industry, both high-end and mainstream, has increasingly focused on female buyers in recent years. What new developments do you think are causing this?

The watch industry is finally realizing that women are an independent target group with specific and different watch needs. Gone are the days when women’s watches were derived from existing men’s models and nothing changed for women except the size.

For Swarovski as a women’s brand, it has always been a priority to put women at the center of all our designs (inspiration).


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Ariel Adams: Swarovski started its career as a supplier of stones to other companies and in recent years has now started making its own watches. What sparked this change and what do you think the company did right when it decided to produce its own watches under its own brand?

Having crystals and being able to do more than just decorate a watch case is definitely a great opportunity. Jewelry and watches grew up together; the most important thing is to beautify a woman’s wrist. What are we doing right? Our strong belief in designing unique Swarovski crystals is combined with fine Swiss watchmaking at affordable prices.

Ariel Adams: I have seen a lot of women’s watches in the $1,000 to $500 price range and I can say that the design and build quality of Swarovski watches ranks among the best among the Belongs. As a company with no serious experience in the watch industry, what exactly have you done to ensure this and what do you think you have done to right the wrongs of some of your competitors?

No compromise! When you discover a new product category, you only have one chance to make the right statement in terms of design, quality and price. Swarovski is a leading cut crystal manufacturer with a long tradition of craftsmanship and high quality across all product categories. Watches are no exception.


Modern Women’s Watch


Ariel Adams: What types of watch designs or features do you think women are looking for in watches today?

Its original function of showing time is diminishing. We believe that what is important is beauty, statement, perfection and interaction of all components. And don’t forget the brilliance found in stainless steel combined with crystal.

Ariel Adams: What are your challenges and benefits as a man overseeing the development of watches primarily for women?

This is more than just a one-man show! We have an incredible pool of internal and external watch designers with outstanding reputations in the industry. There was a very fruitful exchange between our internal designers who prioritized our crystals and the external designers who prioritized the architecture of the watch case, which ultimately resulted in a great product.

Ariel Adams: How can Swarovski evolve and continue to provide value to its customers as the role of watches expands in the digital era?

We recently launched an activity tracking jewelry collection called Swarovski Shine. This is Swarovski’s first step towards “smart” jewelry and also includes basic watch functions that tell the time. Swarovski’s approach is to ensure that women have the right accessories that they will carry throughout their lives and that will make them sparkle and shine as they desire, no matter their mood or occasion. We will see how the market develops and explore further opportunities for Swarovski.

Ariel Adams: When it comes to pieces adorned with sparkling stones, is there a secret formula for creating a watch that is attractive but not too “flashy”?

Our approach is to offer watches not only for special occasions dominated by the signature sparkle of Swarovski crystals, but also a slightly more nuanced selection of watches with a touch of crystal for more casual everyday wear. occasion, but always with an extraordinary touch.