Questions About Swarovski – Frequently asked questions about Swarovski jewellery, a big leap from luxury stores in Dubai airports and malls to the factory industrial landscape. However, one brand has managed to build a reputation for excellence in both areas. Did you know that the Swarovski empire actually makes factory machines?

Questions About Swarovski

Questions About Swarovski

swarovskijewelry – Beautiful rhinestones, known for their brilliance and sparkle, can also be made into beautiful jewelry for practical use. Read on as we cover frequently asked questions about Swarovski jewelry.

What is Swarovski?

Daniel Swarovski founded his famous jewelry company in 1895. Based in Austria, the company has now grown into a well-known luxury brand. Although he is famous for his crystals and jewelry accessories, that is not the only product he makes.

This business also includes the production of optical equipment such as telescopic sights and binoculars. They also have branches that make machines for drilling, sawing, and grinding.

For most people, Swarovski crystal jewelry is what they see every day. There are 300 stores worldwide in more than 170 countries. The organization still maintains its family roots and is run by the fifth generation of the Swarovski family.

What are Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski crystals are not produced naturally. This does not mean the quality is low. In fact, they often have a shine and luster that exceeds that of natural products.

Made from a mixture of sand, tin, quartz and minerals. They used to have a lot of prospects that added to their luster. This has now been reduced to almost invisible to be lead free and safe to use.

Swarovski jewelry is often made with classic metal finishes. Palladium color plating, white and gold color plating are usually used.

Does Swarovski jewelry tarnish?

Swarovski jewelry is renowned for its durability and strength. Like all jewelry, it will tarnish if the conditions are right. It can be cleaned easily.

Prolonged exposure to strong chemicals and direct sunlight can cause the color to fade. You will also notice that clothes that have been worn for a long time can darken due to daily wear. If you cannot avoid this condition, you should clean it frequently.

These crystals have a chemical coating for durability. Certain substances can cause this reaction, including chlorine in swimming pools, detergents, and even certain perfumes. Like other jewelry, plated metal can disintegrate over time. Replacing it when the time comes is not a big and expensive task.

Zirconia vs crystal

When shopping for Swarovski crystal jewelry, you have two choices. That is to buy classic crystals or zircons. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Zirconium oxide is harder than crystal. That means it’s stronger. Crystals are more likely to be scratched.

Another reason to buy zircon is because it is one of the most similar imitation diamonds. Swarovski actually applies many diamond standards to their zirconia gems. It adds shine and shine.

Although zirconium oxide is cheaper than diamonds, it is more expensive than regular Swarovski crystals. This makes it a good middle ground between the two. Zirconia is an ideal substitute for diamonds.


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How do I know this is genuine?

With such a coveted brand comes inevitable fakeness. The most important way to ensure you get a genuine item is to buy from a trusted seller. There are also some important signs you can look out for.

Firstly, Swarovski jewelry also has a certificate of authenticity. Product labels and tags must also have the Swarovski seal and a 16-digit verification code. You can check out these brands and websites. Check the crystal yourself. Many products are laser engraved with logos. All products made after 1989 are also engraved with the company’s swan logo.

The Swarovski crystals are also crafted to perfection. If the crystal has bubbles or imperfections, it is likely fake. Genuine Swarovski crystals also have a brilliant shine that fake versions may not have.




Is the quality good?

Swarovski is very popular for two reasons. The first is the high quality of the product. Another advantage is its wide range, which can suit various budgets and tastes.

Whatever you buy, if it is Swarovski quality, you will find that their products sparkle and shine more than real crystals. Many people are surprised that this product contains lead, but it provides greater durability and shine.

Can I bathe with Swarovski?

Some chemicals can damage the crystal layer, so bathing with them is not recommended. Soap and cleansers can remove the protective coating and damage your jewelry. Even if the odd splash of water does not immediately impact the product, repeated washing can damage the product.

Is Swarovski jewelry good value?

At a basic level, the value for money from Swarovski is extraordinary. You get quality imitations made by experts in the field.

It is unknown whether the jewelry will retain its value in the item used. They do not contain precious metals such as gold, silver or palladium, so they are not affected by these market prices. Thus, most of its sales value is determined by current trends and fashion.

Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry shopping is fun when you buy Swarovski. Like many others who use their crystals in products, the possibilities are endless. You just need to find something that suits your style and wardrobe.

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