Reasons Why Swarovski Jewelry is Expensive – Swarovski crystals are known for their exceptional quality and versatility as a fashion accessory. However, many customers are confused by the high price of this product. Many consumers recognize and appreciate the Swarovski name. There is a lot of mystery behind the high price of this brand, and many consumers wonder why.

Reasons Why Swarovski Jewelry is Expensive

Reasons Why Swarovski Jewelry is Expensive

swarovskijewelry – Some people may think that buying Swarovski crystals is frivolous, but there are a few things to consider before making a purchase. The price of Swarovski crystals is determined by several elements, such as the size and cut of the crystal, the factory where the crystal is made, and the amount of precious metal wire (gold or silver) used to make the crystal.

All about Swarovski crystals

Leaded glass is another name for crystals such as Swarovski crystals. Leaded glass, as the name suggests, is made by replacing lead with some glass commonly used in everyday life. Lead increases the refractive index of glass, making it more transparent.

Simply put, the refractive index of a material is its ability to cause light to bend as it passes through it. A gem’s “fire” comes from the way its cut bends light, which is why we value it so much.

Not surprisingly, diamonds have one of the highest refractive indices in nature. The Swarovski company is responsible for the production of lead glass beads known as Swarovski crystals.

Are Swarovski crystals just made from broken glass?

The glass is not ordinary glass, but cut glass. Most definitions classify Swarovski crystals and other jewelry crystals as cut glass. But the fact that it’s made from cut glass doesn’t make it any less unique. Likewise, diamonds are simply minerals that are shaped with great precision. However, we can answer frequently asked questions.

How authentic are Swarovski crystals?

They do exist, yes. They are actually made from real leaded glass.

Are Swarovski crystals gems?

Simply put, in this case no.

Because Swarovski crystals are made from lead glass, the value of the raw material is low. However, due to their prestigious reputation, their crystals are more expensive than competing manufacturers. There was a time when Swarovski crystals looked better than their competitors. However, this is no longer the case because there are other, better crystal manufacturers.

  • The price tag is unbelievably high for Swarovski crystal beads
  • The question then is why the price tag for glass produced by Swarovski is so high.

This is of course due to the labor and precision required to create Swarovski crystals. Swarovski ground lead glass is renowned for its brilliance and value, as the company uses only high-quality raw materials and produces them with the highest precision in cutting and polishing.

Cutting hard materials such as crystals and gems in different directions to produce hundreds of matching edges is a very complicated process. The direction of each reflected light must first be calculated by a computer, then simulated in 3D, optimized and finally converted into a complex machine control algorithm.

One explanation is the rarity of Swarovski gems. This product is only available in mines in Austria and Siberia, so it is difficult to find superior products like other brands.

  • Swarovski crystals do not occur in nature.
  • Swarovski crystals are not found in nature, but they do exist.

Lead glass crystals are made from raw materials such as quartz, sand, and minerals. True, they contain about 32% lead. You may wonder why leadership is important.

It turns out that lead helps increase the refraction of the crystals. Different colored crystals can be produced using chemical coatings, but transparent crystals are more difficult to produce because they contain no defects.


Even though it is made of glass, it is distinguished by the precision of Swarovski crystal carvings. The process of making this stone is not easy. The cutting technique used to shape it into a diamond shape also contributes to the high price.

The Swarovski name has been around for more than a century

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski and his business partners founded Swarovski in Austria. Daniel founded his first jewelry company, previously known as “A. Kosman, Daniel Swarovski and Co.”, married his business partner’s sister (Marie Weis), had three sons, and applied for a patent for a machine that could cut multiple crystals perfectly. . order . Last year.

All these events shaped Swarovski’s future.

The process takes a long time

Making Swarovski crystals requires a long process. This is a labor intensive procedure and is only used by Swarovski AG. Crystals with a higher refractive index than real gems, such as diamonds, can last a long time.

The use of 32% lead allows for high refraction. Thanks to the coating, the color is reflected in the folding process. The final product is mostly synthetic glass containing 32% lead. Lead is dangerous, but leaded glass jewelry is safe to wear.


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Swarovski crystals add dazzling shine and shine.

Crystals with a high refractive index are the result of high-tech cutting, made possible by Swarovski’s unique cutting device. Thanks to the incredible power and precision of the machine, light can be reflected and bent in hundreds of different ways.

Swarovski crystals undergo a complex cutting process before being polished to perfection. The Swarovski crystals on some items have a unique finish. Crystals like AB have a metallic coating that causes light refraction in rainbow colors.

Swarovski crystals are created with the highest precision using a unique chemical formula. The high-quality materials used in making Swarovski crystals and the complex production process make them more expensive than regular glass.

The world-famous Swarovski crystals are the result of a top-secret chemical composition and the most precise cutting techniques. Swarovski crystals are more expensive than traditional glass due to the high-quality components and complex production methods.

Using Swarovski’s secret method

The crystals are formed using a secret recipe known only to Swarovski, which includes quartz, tin, sand and minerals. Crystals can only form if high-quality materials are used, and this is beyond doubt.

In general, the more transparent a crystal is, the more difficult it is to grow. The more transparent a crystal is, the more difficult it is to make. It is very important that the material is 100% pure. Once manufactured, they are cut to specifications using revolutionary electric cutting machines.

The cutting process is precise and consistent, and up to one hundred facets are added to each crystal, which reflect and bend light in different directions, thereby increasing the refractive index. Once carefully cut, the crystals are polished to perfection before being packaged and sold as custom jewelry. It is also possible to apply coatings that change the refraction of certain colors of light.

High standard of reliability

Swarovski crystals are consistently high quality due to the human and mechanical effort involved in their creation. In general, the surface lacks luster and can even be damaged due to scratches or blisters. They would not be considered high quality Swarovski crystals in their current form.

Swarovski Crystals is a leading supplier of quality crystals for jewelry and ornaments. In fact, the brand’s broad appeal is partly due to the fact that it caters to so many different tastes. One of the characteristics of Swarovski crystals is their smooth cutting and polishing.

In addition, the price-quality ratio of each Swarovski product is excellent in terms of its beauty and brilliance as well as its longevity. Swarovski crystals are made from a variety of materials, such as minerals, sand, quartz, and lead, giving them a long-lasting shine and durability compared to many natural crystals.

Easier inspection

To some degree, all Swarovski crystals are the same. Each crystal is exactly the same size and shape, which is a sign of true craftsmanship. Swarovski crystals are notoriously bubble-free, so if you find any in your crystal, that’s a sign it’s fake.

Apart from the characteristics above, fake Swarovski crystals also have a scratched surface, look dull and have an oily shine. Genuine stones are brilliant and transparent like high quality diamonds. As you probably know, all colored crystals have the same intensity.


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Is Swarovski worth buying?

Simply put, in this case no. Because Swarovski crystals are made from lead glass, the value of the raw material is low. However, due to their prestigious reputation, their crystals are more expensive than competing manufacturers.

There are still rules regarding jewelry. The value to you is whether it looks good or not. Should I pay more for this Swarovski band than another crystal ring? If the Swarovski name means a lot to you, I think it’s worth paying a little more to get a genuine Swarovski guarantee. Probably not, as the appearance is no different to cheaper crystals, if that is the main concern.

Many people who collect Swarovski crystals believe that their collection is valuable because of the potential for financial gain. An increase in value is a normal expectation of investors. But in fact, the opinion that Swarovski is a good financial investment is wrong.


Swarovski crystals have earned a worldwide reputation for their superior quality and suitability as fashion accessories. However, the relatively expensive price of these goods makes many buyers confused.

Many factors influence the final price of a Swarovski, such as the size of the crystal and the cut. Swarovski crystals have low raw material prices because they are made from lead-free glass. However, their crystals are more expensive than competing manufacturers.

This is because each Swarovski crystal requires a lot of time and precision in making. Swarovski crystals are renowned for their high quality and brilliant shine, making them ideal for use in jewelry and other luxury products.

The production uses advanced chemical composition and precise cutting methods. Considering the high-quality materials used to make them, Swarovski crystals are priced higher than regular glass. For crystal jewelry and decorations, there is nothing better than Swarovski.

Thanks to precise and uniform cutting procedures, each crystal can have up to a hundred surfaces. Minerals, sand, quartz and even lead are used in making Swarovski crystals. A sign of quality work is that each gem is consistent in size and shape.

Because Swarovski crystals are made from cheap lead glass and not more valuable materials, production costs are minimal. Their crystals are more expensive than their competitors due to their excellent reputation.