Swarovski Corporate Marketing Approach – Companies that want to achieve their business potential must be innovative and competitive. This approach helps companies implement new strategies that can increase their competitive advantage. Innovation supports a company’s business goals and objectives. Swarovski remains one of the leading brands in the glass fashion industry.


Swarovski Corporate Marketing Approach

Swarovski Corporate Marketing Approach

swarovskijewelry – The company produces and markets beautiful products such as chandeliers, jewelry, crystal elements and statues. The company also produces various accessories such as sunglasses, pens, bags, card cases, key chains and smartphone cases. Crystalline Stardust pens are admired by many customers around the world for their outstanding features. The purpose of this article is to outline a new approach that can make this pen awesome and successful in the market.

Crystalline Stardust Marketing Method

Sensory Branding

Swarovski is a successful company that uses different marketing methods to meet the various needs of its customers. Most of the accessories are successful in the market because of their business strategy. However, new steps are needed to get the company on track to realize its potential. Sensory branding ideas can support a company’s marketing.

Hassain argues that sensory branding plays a positive role in “choosing emotional and cognitive responses from consumers”. Human feelings and emotions determine potential buyers’ decisions. So companies must use sensory branding to be successful.

Swarovski may be using the strategy to market the Crystalline Stardust pen. The use of sensory marketing strengthens the identity of the target pen. Creating a new atmosphere that makes it easier for customers to develop positive purchasing behavior. A marketer who focuses on consumers’ sensory points will create a lasting impression and make his brand successful. A sensory approach can create powerful experiences that align with a brand. Swarovski’s strategic use creates a superior experience that encourages more people to buy better pens.


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Market approach

The concept of sensory branding is considered so that the pen can successfully compete in the market. To achieve this goal, pen ink is scented with high-quality compounds. This approach supports the company’s branding strategy and attracts more customers. The ultimate goal of this branding approach is to tell more people about the pen’s unique features and capabilities.

The scent a person chooses reflects his or her preferences. So target pens should have different scents because people have different needs and preferences. The use of different fragrances supports the marketing plan and convinces more people to buy the pen. Ultimately, strategy enables a company to realize its business goals.

To make the pen awesome, some fragrance is used to smell the ink inside the pen. The first scent you notice is vanilla. This fragrance expresses warmth, comfort and coziness. People who like to feel cozy and warm will benefit greatly from a vanilla-scented pen. This approach ensures that more people are willing to buy the pen, thereby making the company successful. Another scent is grapefruit.

Many people firmly believe that such a smell can cause different sensations in the body. The use of aroma supports the company’s marketing strategy. People feel energized and finally realize their personal goals.

Sandalwood is another scent to consider for ink. Marketing experts say that fragrances can attract a large number of customers, which makes the brand successful in the market. The scent of the sea is used to attract more customers who want to feel loved and resourceful. Companies should also consider a wide range of fragrances that can attract more customers and ultimately provide positive results. The use of strawberries fulfills the emotional needs of target customers. This means that more people who like the feel will find the pen more interesting and useful.

Sensory Experience

Lund (2015) points out that “marketers can use different strategies to appeal to all human senses”. Each sense plays a unique role in purchasing behavior. Marketers are generally encouraged to think of different experiences to stimulate the senses of target customers. Swarovski has the opportunity to capitalize on this idea. The use of different senses continually changes the consumer experience.

This strategy ensures the Crystalline Stardust pen is marketable and memorable. This is because the branding strategy takes into account all aspects of the sensory experience. This strategy relates to the following aspects of sensory experience.

Literally: Unique features and inclusion of desirable fragrances make target pens a hit in the market. While the company may not tell every customer about its features, this creates a good communication atmosphere. More and more people and potential customers are enjoying using Crystalline Stardust pens. More people will probably join this conversation and it will be successful. This marketing strategy can produce positive results because Swarovski is a respected brand. The company has used the best features and characteristics to market its products to as many customers as possible. The use of different aromas certainly makes the Crystalline Stardust pen an interesting object.

Visual: The revolutionary pen shape will attract more customers. Companies should use new features to make their products bright and fun. This part of the sensory experience determines different people’s decisions before purchasing a particular product. Pens are presented to potential customers in various colors and aromas. Colors must be elegant and tasteful. Such colors attract more customers to increase company profits. The company uses its retail outlets to inform target customers about the pen’s outstanding visual features.


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Sound: One of the great things about the Crystalline Stardust pen is that it makes sound. This means more people are always willing to join the brand. The seller is willing to share with his customers and tell them about the great features of this pen. The pen is expected to create a new atmosphere where various people are willing to buy this product and use it to achieve their goals.

Salespeople will gain the skills and ideas needed to bring products to more customers. This strategy facilitates the achievement of Swarovski’s business objectives. The unique properties of the Crystalline Stardust pen ensure that “more people are willing to become repeat customers.”

Sensitivity: Another amazing feature of the Crystalline Stardust pen is its sensitivity to touch. The product is designed in such a way that the end user can feel it through touch. The pen is smooth and attractive. The use of a soft texture makes it comfortable and easy to use. People who want to achieve their personal goals will definitely find this pen interesting and useful. The idea of ​​using different colors makes it attract more people. It is easier for fur marketers to encourage and attract more potential buyers. Ultimately, strategy makes a product successful in the market.

Scent: The use of different scents makes Crystalline Stardust pens stand out in the market. As mentioned earlier, this pen comes in various scents such as vanilla, ocean, sandalwood, and strawberry. The intoxicating aroma is so infectious that it is encouraging more people to try the brand. More and more customers are encouraging their family members and friends to buy them.

These people are aware of the unique smell associated with ballpoint pens. As a result, the company marketed more pens and eventually recorded positive results. These fragrances target different people according to their personal needs and expectations. Because people’s needs tend to be different, fragrances attract more customers and support Swarovski’s business strategy.