Swarovski’s Bracelet Recommendation And Price – Swarovski Rock is one of the most fascinating rocks that resembles the color of a rainbow and is excellent for jewelry. It is an artificial stone whose manufacturing process is done by machine and its shape can be adjusted according to the wishes of the future owner.

Swarovski’s Bracelet Recommendation And PriceBracelet Recommendation

swarovskijewelry – If you want to make a Swarovski stone that resembles a diamond, you can ask for a Swarovski piece. Once cut, the result will be completely similar to the real diamond. For those of you who don’t know much about Swarovski, Swarovski is one of the kinds of diamonds deliberately created by humans, you can also get it called diamond imitation. Unlike diamonds, Swarovski stones are able to ensure that your appearance is always graceful and graceful without having to reach too deep.

If it’s a diamond, the more beautiful the sparkle is, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money to create an elegant and luxurious look. If you choose Swarovski’s Bracelet, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money because Swarovski is very affordable compared to diamonds. There are two types of Swarovski stones: the first is Swarovski gemstones.

Here are some Swarovski’s Bracelet Recommendation And Price:

1. Teddy Bracelet, Bear, Pink, Rose Gold-Tone Plated – Pink
This bright teddy bear bracelet transforms childhood favorites into modern – style luxury pieces. The motif of the touching feathers is decorated with pink crystals and used on Swarovski Crystal Pearl bracelets and rose gold tone chains. An ensemble style with matching necklaces.

Color: Pink
Price: IDR 3,469,000

2. Swarovski Infinity Heart Bracelet, White, Rhodium Plated – Silver (WG)
Swarovski Rhodium bracelet is an expression of eternal love. It has dual elements with interlocking hearts and infinite symbols. A clear stone adorned the symbol of infinity and added a sparkling touch to the design. This Swarovski bracelet can be the perfect gift for an important woman in your life.

Color: Silver
Price: Rp 1,569,000

3. Swarovski Infinity Bangle, White, Rose-Gold Tone Plated – Gold
Rose coating and white crystals complement each other perfectly in this elegant Swarovski bracelet. It bears the symbol of infinity and glitters like the first stars in the sky at dusk. A chain of rose gold and elegant single crystals complements the design. An ideal gift for a special occasion – could also be for a loved one or for yourself!

Color: Gold
Price: IDR 2,439,000

4. Spider-Man Marvel Bracelet, Red, Gold-Tone Plated – M – Red
It’s time to celebrate your superhero side with this incredible Spider-Man bracelet. With a gold tone finish and elaborate 3D motif featuring the character’s head in red and black peacock crystals, it can be used to display your own alter-ego style.

Color: Red
Price: IDR 3,199,000

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5. Hulk Marvel Bracelet, Multicolored, Gold-Tone Plated – M – Rainbow
This Marvel bracelet is one way to push the boundaries of your style. Attached to the gold-tone chain, the center of the fun center features Hulk’s fist and the words “Smash” in green crystal. Use these clothes as a reminder to have your day.

Color: Rainbow
Price: IDR 3,199,000

This eternal rose gold bracelet is the perfect gift for those who sparkle. Two fine transparent stones are arranged in a new cup chain. Falling beautifully on the wrist, the bracelet is finished with innovative new button closure that ensures a perfect fit. Beautiful and modest, also an expression of bold elegance. Use Swarovski watches to sparkle during the day, or glamorous sandpaper to go out at night by coating contrasting colors.

Color: White.
Material: Rose gold-plated
Price: IDR 2,699,000

7. Matrix Tennis Bracelet, Round Cut, Small, White, Rhodium Plated – M – White
This brilliant Matrix Tennis bracelet offers a classic combination of brilliant clear stone and a cool rhodium finish – a durable look that will never get out of style. Each crystal reflects the light beautifully and ensures that your wrist always attracts attention. Enjoy this timeless jewelry for yourself or consider it a wonderful gift idea.

Color: White
Price: IDR 4,099,000

Bracelet Recommendation

8. Signum Bangle, Swan, White, Rose Gold-Tone Plated – White
This modern bracelet incorporates Swarovski’s goose icon and octagon mark. The striking crystal is expertly arranged on a rose gold tone chain with a tap that can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Your own style or with matching earrings and pendants from the Signum family.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,899,000

9. Volta Bracelet, Bow, White, Rhodium Plated – White
Even in the smallest details, this Volta bracelet makes a big impression. It has a beautiful rhodium-coated design inspired by a bow and decorated with clear stones set using chattering techniques. A single pendant in the shape of a stone pear gives a sparkling finish. Wear this piece with a suitable earring to create a harmonious look or give it as a heartfelt gift.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,439,000

10. Una Bracelet, Heart, Small, Red, Gold-Tone Plated – M – Red
Wear your heart on your sleeve with a romantic bracelet from the Una family. Beautifully decorated with sparkling red peacock crystals, it features a hidden double goose design that forms the shape of the heart and is completed with a gold tone and sliding mechanism to fit the fit. Wear an Una pendant suitable for a perfect match.

Color: Red
Price: IDR 2,339,000

11. Ginger Bangle, Green, Gold-Tone Plated – M – Green
Push the boundaries of style with this unique bracelet. It connects a double gold-tone bar with a delicate chain and is centered with an emerald green pavé plate. Wear your bracelets alone or with other bracelets for maximum impact.

Color: Green
Price: IDR 2,069,000

12. Sunshine Bracelet, Green, Rhodium Plated – M – Green
An elegant bracelet inspired by the warmth of the sun will illuminate every look. It features a bright green center surrounded by clear stone radii, rhodium-coated arrangements and adjustable chain clasp. Use it every day to get in the mood for spring.

Color: Green
Price: IDR 2,069,000

13. Dextera Bangle, Octagon Shape, White, Rose Gold-Tone Plated – M – White
Inspired by industrial detail, Dextera’s bracelet is elegant. The octagonal structure, rose gold tone metal is accentuated with precision cut peacock crystals that sparkle with energy and promise. Stimulate your solo or stacked up and let yourself shine.

Color: White
Price: IDR 4,099,000

14. Tennis Deluxe Bracelet, Gray, Ruthenium Plated – Grey
Filled with delicate luster and contemporary edges, this classic ruthenium-coated tennis bracelet can be dressed up or down. It has a fine band of round dark gray crystals. Elegant and minimalist must be used everyday.

Color: Grey
Price: IDR 4,099,000

15. Matrix Tennis Bracelet, Round Cut, Small, White, Gold-Tone Plated – M – White
Very easy to use, this brilliant Tennis Matrix bracelet combines a vibrant stone collection with a gold tone design. Each crystal reflects the light beautifully and ensures that your wrist always attracts attention. Enjoy this timeless jewelry for yourself or consider it a wonderful gift idea.

Color: White
Price: IDR 4,099,000