Swarovski’s Branding Journey with Skimlinks – In our latest case study, we interviewed Yuting Wu, Senior Account Manager and Regional Director APAC, Acceleration Partners, to reveal how Swarovski’s partnership program achieved sustainable growth through business content and collaboration with Skimlinks around their brand in 2021.


Swarovski’s Branding Journey with Skimlinks

Swarovski's Branding Journey with Skimlinks

Can you tell us a little about your background and role at Acceleration Partners?

swarovskijewelry – I am a Senior Account Manager and APAC Director at Acceleration Partners, specializing in performance marketing. With ten years of experience, I focus on affiliate marketing and have worked at Acceleration Partners for over four years. My duties include coordinating three APAC partner programs, managing accounts, and leading the team. I prioritize team happiness and work-life balance, providing training and resources to support the growth of each team member.

Affiliate marketing is still very new in some APAC countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. How do you approach the market?

In APAC, where we still have a limited number of quality publishers to work with compared to other regions, we partner with commercial content monetization platforms like Skimlinks to leverage quality local publishers in the region. In this case, Skimlinks is definitely one of our valuable partners supporting our APAC affiliate program. Because Acceleration Partners is a global company, our primary markets are in English-speaking countries. However, we have language experts who are fluent in Korean, Japanese and Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the APAC region.


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How does Swarovski work with Skimlinks?

Swarovski’s global partnership program has partnered with commercial content monetization platform Skimlinks to enhance brand image following a rebrand in 2021. Swarovski shifted its strategy from exclusive coupon partners and discount codes and focused on offering free shipping. main motivation. While this approach presents challenges, working with Skimlinks for content marketing has proven rewarding.

Skimlinks account managers provide invaluable support to optimize performance. Monthly performance reviews are conducted to evaluate overall performance and new strategies to increase conversions. Skimlinks produces in-depth reports that include in-depth recommendations, showcase best-selling products, highlight local shopping events, and test different landing pages.

Help from account managers and the Skimlinks team is greatly appreciated. Their support allows Swarovski to effectively achieve its brand goals, making this partnership an example of a mutually beneficial collaboration. Thank you for your time and dedication.

Can you explain how Skimlinks’ partnerships with large publishers increase the transparency of your work processes?

Skimlinks stands out for its incredible transparency, which is invaluable to us. We currently work with several subnets in different markets, and unfortunately, about half of them do not actively share the information necessary to uncover publishers. They only provide a general publisher ID when we contact the subnet via email, but this process can take a while. Often, further research is needed to verify its validity. However, Skimlinks offers complete transparency by providing direct access to publishers promoting our brand. This allows us to directly assess the relevance and quality of the content, ensuring the integrity of our brand promotion. I really appreciate Skimlinks’ transparency because it saves time and gives our brand peace of mind.

How has Skimlinks helped Swarovski in the APAC region since the partnership began?

Skimlinks is Swarovski’s highly valued content monetization partner in the global business, with particular advantages in key markets such as the US, UK and APAC. We also monitor activity in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where Skimlinks has a strong presence among influential publishers. Easy access to quality publishers through Skimlinks has contributed greatly to our success. We have worked extensively with Skimlinks and optimized our partnerships to engage content publishers in large local Swarovski campaigns. To ensure public content publishers see results over a longer period of time, we offer higher commissions than other partners. With the support of Skimlinks, Swarovski branded content has gained visibility across high-quality publishers, resulting in positive traction and performance over the past two years.

The online business landscape and consumer behavior have changed since the pandemic. How do you see this developing and impacting your business? Are there any trends you’re excited about this year?

For Swarovski, we have seen an increase in average order value in recent years. On the one hand, this is due to the new Swarovski brand, which is a luxury brand at an affordable price. And we launched some new products at higher prices. But somehow we see that this activity is still supported. People are still buying, even after prices have risen. This means that people are starting to accept Swarovski’s new brand. We are very happy with that.

What are your plans for 2023 in the APAC region? What are Swarovski’s plans? Do you have a particular country you are focusing on?

Swarovski APAC plans to focus on seven key market regions in 2023, followed by Thailand. Consumer internet activity in Thailand is growing, creating competition and opportunity. Swarovski aims to include Thailand in Tier 2 markets, in addition to Japan and Korea in Tier 1 markets, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Partner communications are optimized in this market. There is also a focus on India, and Skimlinks’ expansion into the region will attract quality publishers. In addition to Swarovski, Acceleration Partners has other programs present in India that offer scale and optimization potential.


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Do you have any advice for merchants who want to work with you?

One piece of advice for brands is to prioritize efficiency when planning marketing activities. The pandemic has brought significant changes to the world, causing the economy to weaken and many brands to cut their marketing budgets. This impacts organic performance across all channels, except affiliate marketing, which outperforms other channels at increased costs. The outlook for the affiliate industry looks very positive.

In these tumultuous times, it is important to be vigilant and adapt. At my company, we focus on achieving results and ensuring brand satisfaction. We make regular internal calls and closely monitor customer feedback to continually improve our service. This is how we stay competitive in this industry. Brands can benefit by considering affiliate marketing options while maintaining other marketing efforts.

What do you like most about Skimlink?

One truly rewarding aspect of Skimlinks is your team’s unwavering commitment to maximizing performance. The Account Management team actively collaborates with our APAC team, leading strategy sessions and providing valuable optimization advice across our program portfolio, not just Swarovski. This kind of support goes beyond what we have experienced from other network partners and we sincerely appreciate all the efforts made.