Swarovski’s Strategic Approach To The Digital World – Last year, Swarovski announced a new strategy for LUXignite to strengthen its position in the luxury goods segment and expand its presence in the luxury jewelery market. According to the jewelry and accessories brand, the Created Diamonds business is developing very promisingly. Swarovski already offers long-lasting lab-created diamonds to its American customers.


Swarovski’s Strategic Approach To The Digital World

Swarovski's Strategic Approach To The Digital World

swarovskijewelry – Based on its long history of luxury, Swarovski wants to offer a quality experience. Most importantly, the company wants to make its presence felt in the world’s key cities. This is where trends are born and culture is formed.

Swarovski opened a new flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue this year, and with American model Bella Hadid as its current brand ambassador and rapper Doja Cati, Swarovski is firmly involved in the cultural conversation. Swarovski aims to delight customers with creativity, craftsmanship and unique quality that has been perfected throughout the company’s 128-year history.


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Digital as the ultimate resource for LUXignite

Digital plays an important role in the implementation of the new LUXignite strategy. Innovation has been in the company’s DNA since Daniel Swarovski founded it in 1895. Lea Sonderegger is currently responsible for Swarovski’s digital heart. He started making money programming websites while still in school – in Plain Text Editor at that time. Sonderegger worked for Swarovski for 13 years and held several global leadership positions in new digital business development and e-commerce.

Sonderegger first proposed opening a travel shop for Swarovski in 2010. However, at the time, his idea was met with skepticism. “Today, 70% of visits come from mobile devices, 70% of digital sales are mobile, and in China, it’s almost 100%. At that time it was considered impossible, he comments.

“Since 2022, Sonderegger has served as Chief Digital Officer / Chief Information Officer (CDO/CIO) and as a member of the international management team responsible for today’s digital Darwinism global digital business,” he said. “A time when technology and society evolved faster than companies’ ability to adapt. Therefore, according to him, it is very important to respond to innovation quickly, strategically and pragmatically. “The new era also requires new leadership and teamwork,” he added.

In the CDO/CIO role, it is important to Sonderegger that IT no longer thinks about software modules and solutions as before, but about creating value. “IT is no longer just an enabler and technology is no longer just a tool to achieve goals. IT must optimally support the company’s core processes – creating, producing and selling – and create value itself. “Only in this way can digital become a competitive advantage,” Sonderegger said.

At Swarovski, digital managers plan their strategy together with operations managers. “So that we all row in the same direction,” Sonderegger said. Technology is only as useful as the people who support it. That’s why their ability to use data and technology to create value – human “digital dexterity” – is a key pillar of Swarovski’s digital strategy.

“Entrepreneurial thinking in every small activity is the key to success,” Sonderegger said. The fact that he was also responsible for the global e-commerce P&L in his CDO/CIO role fueled the digital transformation strategy for the business.

40 year partnership with SAP

Swarovski has embarked on a cloud transformation journey to remain competitive. In doing this, Sonderegger built a long-term relationship with SAP. In fact, this family business in Wattens, Austria still has an old contract with SAP dating back 40 years. “SAP founder Hasso Plattner’s signature is on the contract,” Sonderegger said. At that time Swarovski bought “RF – Real-Time Financial Accounting”. This was the beginning of a long and successful partnership.

“This journey, which began 40 years ago, brought us together,” Sonderegger said. In the next chapter, SAP will work closely with the legacy brand in the next phase of its digital transformation, supporting global expansion and diversification with technological innovation in products and customer experiences.

To achieve this goal, Swarovski chose RISE with SAP and SAP Commerce Cloud. “We want to move the entire digital backbone system based on SAP software and our online store to the cloud,” Sonderegger said. The numbers illustrating the scope of the RISE project with SAP cover 15 terabytes of production systems and 17 system landscapes, including e-commerce.

“The strategic partnership with SAP is fully compatible with Swarovski LUXignite’s strategy. We needed a scalable platform to develop and deploy competitive business processes,” said Sonderegger


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Technical innovation as a competitive advantage

RISE with SAP. offers Swarovski a future-proof digital foundation for implementing your own cloud strategy, as well as flexible and secure support for cloud innovation. In addition, with the help of the model agreed with SAP, we can increase efficiency, reduce costs and become more flexible,” said Sonderegger.

SAP Commerce Cloud also helps support unique customer experiences across all channels. This is because multichannel selling is important to Swarovski. Many customers shop online but pick it up in stores or use the endless aisles. In this way, customers can buy in the store what is not available locally. If ordered online, the product will be delivered to the customer’s home within a few days.

“We want to deliver the latest customer experiences and features across the cloud. Because our customers are our queens, we have to make sure they get the best service possible,” said Sonderegger. “Their experience with brands and products must be perfect in every way. To do that, we requires the right technology and, of course, the right people behind it – people who understand how to create value for our customers and our business.