The Exciting World of Swarovski Crystals – In the jewelry industry, Swarovski has its own name. Anyone who knows about buying and selling high-quality trinkets and jewellery, gems and precious stones knows this iconic brand whose history goes back hundreds of years.

The Exciting World of Swarovski Crystals

The Exciting World of Swarovski Crystals

swarovskijewelryv – This company was founded in 1895. If you look at its history, the creation of Swarovski cannot be separated from the dream of one person, the founder of this company, Daniel Swarovski. As a child, Daniel worked in his father’s small factory, forging, shaping and polishing crystals by hand.

His interest in everything related to crystals began here and ultimately shaped Daniel’s life, leading him to devote himself completely to crystal processing. In 1892, he managed to obtain a patent for a crystal sharpening machine of his own creation, which would ultimately change the way crystals were processed to perfection.

In 1895 the Swarovski brand was born. Together with his partner Armand Kosmann and his sister Franz Weis, Swarovski opened a shop in Wattens, in the West Austrian province of Tyrol. Being close to the Alps, the location is ideal as it provides the necessary water supply and is isolated from competitors who are constantly trying to introduce the latest Swarovski innovations. This workshop was also located near the commercial strip of Paris, which at that time was already known as the mecca of the fashion world.

Making Swarovski what it is today

In 1913, with the help of his sons Alfred, Friedrich and Wilhelm, the company produced high-quality crystals using methods and technology they themselves developed. In 1948, Swarovski again increased its production by producing lenses for optical instruments such as binoculars and telescopes under Swarovski Optik.

Further development of Swarovski occurred in 1976 when their new product “Silver Crystal” was introduced, which became the starting point of the jewelry industry. Swarovski has captured the hearts of many collectors around the world with its various animal pattern decorations and other items. The first animal-shaped ornament, a crystal rat, even became a bestseller at the Innsbruck Olympics in Austria in 1976.

Today, Swarovski is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of crystal works, with a long history of its products and markets. reach. Swarovski’s presence is not only felt in the jewelry industry, but everywhere thanks to the quality demonstrated through the polishing process, the precision of the crystal cutting and the best quality of the crystal itself.

Swarovski Kristallwelten, where everything shines and dazzles
Swarovski has transformed the fashion and jewelry industry for decades, broadening its perspectives. Today, the brand is known all over the world, even in the fields of architecture, interior design and art. Of course, Swarovski carries the historical values ​​and heritage of Austria in each of its products and will continue to maintain all these values ​​when opening new stores abroad.

In 1995, to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary, Swarovski proudly presented Swarovski Kristallwelten, or Swarovski Crystal World, in Wattens, Austria. The museum, exhibition space and outdoor playground will be combined in one place to form Swarovski Kristallwelten spread over an area of ​​2,000 square meters. This place to the Alps has very beautiful views, you know! The combination of natural wonders and the beautiful artwork of Swarovski Kristallwelten makes this a must-visit place in Austria. Read on to find out what awaits you in this extraordinary world of Swarovski crystals.


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What will you see

1. A maze of crystal beads and greenery in the Garden

The main attractions of Swarovski Kristallwelten include The Garden located at The Giant and many other attractions. Basically The Garden is a park with several contemporary installations and interactive exhibits for visitors of all ages. The 7.5 hectare site is dedicated to providing customers with a hiking experience, a comprehensive tour of the Swarovski farm as a lifestyle brand, and an introduction to the splendor of the Alps.

Artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot’s collaboration, Crystal Cloud and Mirror Pool, looks like a magical place. With over 800,000 hand-installed crystals, you can imagine how stunning this installation looks. Just imagine, a collection of clouds that change color from white to gray, with colorful lights and the shine of a million Swarovski crystals making it even more striking. Underneath there is a glass vase that invites visitors to take a closer look, namely the mystical and inspiring black glass surface.

Kids can also have fun in The Garden’s play tower, playground and maze. In the play tower, your child can do a variety of age-appropriate physical activities, from climbing, rowing and high slides for children aged four years and over. This place also gives parents the opportunity to relax while the children have fun. Children under three years old still have to participate in the playground and maze, a hand-sculpted labyrinth designed by multimedia artist Andre Heller.

At the Swarovski complex, even history buffs can enjoy Roman excavations! In 2014, during a reconstruction project at the site, ruins from the past were accidentally discovered, including 702 Antonine or Roman silver coins. The find, buried for nearly 2,000 years, can now be enjoyed in today’s museum.

In the garden you can see more works of art and the Arrival building, which welcomes guests with many white birch trees. It’s really cool!


Swarovski Crystals


2. A giant with a passion for the world’s treasures

Place, often referred to as the central theme of Swarovski Kristallwelten, is another extraordinary work by multimedia artist Andre Heller. As the entrance to the Chambers of Wonder, The Giant is hard to miss. Shaped as a large green head, it is also an entrance and tourist attraction. The artificial waterfall flowing from its mouth makes the “Giant” that much more impressive.

Heller also created the backdrop for this colossal work of art: Once upon a time a giant roamed the world and its wonders. After collecting the treasures he received, the giant decided to stay in Wattens to guard the hiding place he called the House of Wonders. Now you just have to visit Swarovski Kristallwelten to see this giant treasure!

3. Elegant fantasy in the Room of Wonders

‘The Giant’s House has 16 rooms of wonder, viz. 16 magical rooms containing a collection of precious Swarovski items. Each room has its own theme that embodies the vision and treatment of the artist who worked on it. Every space is a fantasy world realized by Swarovski and every visionary who dedicates their time to create designs according to existing concepts combined with unlimited creativity. For example,

The Crystal Dome is a geodesic structure consisting of 595 mirrors and eight “spy mirrors” that help hide hidden treasures. This room gives tourists the feeling of being inside a Swarovski crystal.

Mexican architect Fernando Romero’s El Sol art installation has a different feel. This red room is a way to explore the relationship between humans and the sun. El Sol itself in Spanish means the sun. The room is made of 2,880 specially made Swarovski crystals.