The Reason Why Swarovski Crystals Are So Expensive – Swarovski is one of the most famous types of crystal jewelry in the world. Although called a crystal stone, Swarovski is not actually an original material formed by nature.

The Reason Why Swarovski Crystals Are So ExpensiveSwarovski So Expensive

swarovskijewelry – Founded by Daniel Swarovski in Austria in 1895, the jewelry company introduced Swarovski’s official website and produced diamond-like crystals but made with human processes and workmanship. Since then, Swarovski crystals have had their own value over natural diamonds. According to the Roman Designer Jewelry website, Swarovski is most likely a glass made from a combination of lead, quartz sand, and sodium carbonate. However, Swarovski’s materials and processes are still classified. This made the Swarovski family the only manufacturer of Swarovski crystals.

The Reason Why Swarovski Crystals Are So Expensive
Although it is still different from natural diamonds, Swarovski has his own fans and prices. Some of the reasons why Swarovski is highly regarded are as follows.

1. Have artistic and scientific value
Swarovski was accepted by the jewelry market for offering artistic value that could rival the beauty of diamonds or other jewelry. Founded by an experienced crystal cutter, Swarovski became a high-value jewelry product in terms of cutting results.

According to the Britanny website, there are 100 pieces facing up on each Swarovski crystal. The cut will be precise and balanced from side to side. His brilliance is equivalent to a diamond. Although called crystals, Swarovski was actually closer to the quality of diamonds. This fusion is clearly based on the advanced science of Daniel Swarovski. So far no one knows the actual materials and processes of Swarovski making.

2. Evolving with pop culture
Unlike gold or diamonds, Swarovski is a commodity introduced to society through pop culture. Swarovski’s company often collaborated with prominent artists such as Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna. They also work with expensive fashion brands such as Dior and Balenciaga.

These steps made Swarovski’s jewelry easier to recognize and appreciate. In addition, the products offered also always attract attention when worn by artists or brand ambassadors. Some controversies ensured Swarovski continued to be a topic of conversation. One thing to remember is that Swarovski’s owner and successor were former Nazi members. Things like that never distracted jewelry lovers from Swarovski.

3. Jewelry is sold with a beneficial function
Swarovski sells products not only in earrings or necklaces, but also in the form of useful objects. As listed in its official catalog, Swarovski has products for daily use, such as iPhone casings, watches, and candlesticks. That is, Swarovski is known not only as a trademark of crystal stones, but also as a brand of ready-made jewelry. However, Swarovski is widely known for collaborating with various products from other brands.

Swarovski So Expensive

Here are the must-have Swarovski jewels.
Well, instead of References, here are some recommendations for Swarovski jewelry that you can look at and consider collecting or giving as a special gift for your loved ones. Let’s check it out together!

An iconic goose pendant
Have you seen a crystal pendant? In the form of a graceful goose? The Iconic Goose Pendant is truly an iconic Swarovski jewelry collection. This pendant necklace gives off a romantic and glamorous feel. It was made of rhodium-coated metal and decorated with crystal stones. Legendary!

The pendant measures 2 x 1.5 cm and the chain length is 38 cm. To get the Swarovski collection of this iconic goose pendant, you can immediately order it through the Email Map for IDR 2,069,000 .

Heroim Set
This Swarovski jewelry set is very pretty for your collection. In rose gold, this set of Swarovski necklaces and earrings gives off feminine softness and luster. Interestingly, the necklace and both earrings were made with great precision. Suitable for both formal and casual occasions with your extended family.

The necklace is 147/8 inches long and the earrings are 3/8 inches long. Interested? Come and get the Heroim set – The interesting medium is now on a mail card for IDR 2,428,300.

Vittore XL Ring
Maybe you need sparkly jewelry – Glittering beauty attends the wedding of a friend or family member who is sure to be happy. With this Swarovski Vittore XL ring you can express your happiness beautifully and harmoniously. Swarovski’s sparkle on the ring you’re wearing is increasingly emitting an aura of your happy and happy face. Don’t forget, the Vittore XL ring also has investment value that you deserve to protect. Although it’s not as expensive as diamonds, this Swarovski ring is similar to diamonds. This Vittore XL ring is a larger version of the Vittore ring.

In addition to the beautiful and luxurious Swarovski stone, it is equipped with a soft rose gold layer combined with sparkling crystals. Look at this ring on the email card now. You can order it now for IDR 1,539,300.

Henrietta’s pendant set
This recommendation is perfect for you who make it a gift, you know. If you’re looking for a beautiful gift for a woman you love or perhaps for a daughter on her graduation day, you can consider this set of Swarovski necklaces and earrings, the Henrietta Pendant Set. Besides not having to bother looking for diamonds in a bag that is clearly more expensive, this jewelry set looks beautiful and luxurious and with the right pieces really exudes elegance without having to look too much.

The design of these necklaces and rings conveys the inspiration for the beauty of winter. The crystal is sharp and clear, with the luster of the rhodium layer. Suitable for happy occasions such as weddings, meetings and formal occasions. Would you be interested in making a set of Henrietta pendants a gift, for a friend or for yourself? Let’s check in Mapemall now! This set of necklaces and earrings is sold for IDR 1,637,300.

Heart Necklace Dancing Glitters
Wearing black or white gives the impression of elegance. You’ll perform gracefully without much style. But adding white necklaces, such as Sparkling Dance Heart necklaces, with shiny rhodium layers will make your appearance shine. Otherwise, your face will shine more, not pale and not too drunk.

This look is perfect for moments of togetherness, such as family birthdays or other special moments. You can express your joy and share it with every member who comes. Are you interested in Swarovski’s soft, not exaggerated necklace? Check out this Sparkling Dance Heart Necklace recommendation on Swarovski’s official website. It is sold at an affordable price, 129 USD or around IDR 1,700,000.

Double ring tip
Wearing fancy jewelry is no use being personal, rigid or formal. Those who love innovation, dynamism, and youth can also consider their own preferences when choosing luxury jewelry. Well, this time Swarovski also has a collection that understands your taste, namely the Hint Double Ring.

Even if you prefer a youthful and elegant style, you will not miss Swarovski’s elegant and classic features. And the results are not too much. And for those of you who dare to appear unique, this ring can also be a suitable choice for wedding rings. If you are interested enough, see the Double Ringing Instructions collection on the Email Map now. The ring was sold for Rp1,609,300.