Tips for Choosing the Latest Genuine Swarovski Jewelry – Swarovski is a crystal produced by Austrian entrepreneur Daniel Swarovski. Founded in 1895, Swarovski has extraordinary brilliance like real diamonds, plus the price is not as high as real diamonds, although the quality is also good.

Tips for Choosing the Latest Genuine Swarovski Jewelry

Tips for Choosing the Latest Genuine Swarovski Jewelry

swarovskijewelry – Swarovski gems are a form of Swarovski used specifically for jewelry. Now what is commonly used in the world of fashion or clothing is called Swarovski crystals. Its advantage is its mesmerizing shine.

In this jewelry exhibition, it can be said that the price of rings studded with Swarovski is very affordable. Depending on the weight and size, a ring costs around two million rupees. Several visitors, both women and men, expressed their enthusiasm for this gem.

According to Linagustin, the Austrian company Swarovski has started its third year in Indonesia with its headquarters in Surabaya. According to him, among the various variations or forms of jewelry, Swarovski rings and pendants are increasingly popular.

As with jewelry in general, caring for Swarovski requires special attention. Linagustin said, for conservation reasons, Swarovski is not advised to mix with diamonds. Also try not to scent or wash it. Even in case of accidental contact, Swarovski can be cleaned with toothpaste or toothpaste without menthol.

If you are looking for recommendations for Swarovski jewelry, here are some Swarovski jewelry that you can consider:

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Swarovski Necklace
There are hundreds of Swarovski necklace collections that you can have. Starting from the type of necklace chain to the use of Swarovski on the pendant or locket. The choices are varied, both for women and children with a collection of cartoon series such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Swan pendants are now very popular and elegant among women.

Swarovski necklace price: from IDR 1,300,000

Swarovski bracelet
When choosing a Swarovski bracelet, there are hundreds of interesting options. Starting from thin bracelets with simple designs, bracelets decorated with Swarovski stones, to cuffs decorated with colorful Swarovski stones. You can customize everything to suit your personality and the event you want to attend. Don’t forget the budget!

Swarovski bracelet price: from IDR 1,000,000

Swarovski ring
Swarovski rings can also be an option as a gift for your lover, especially with various model choices that can be adapted to the event. For example, for a birthday gift, a simple Swarovski ring or small diamond could be an option. Depending on the person’s personality, you can choose between different colors such as silver, rose gold, or gold.

Swarovski bracelet price: from IDR 1,000,000

Swarovski earrings
You can never go wrong with Swarovski earrings! It doesn’t feel complete if you leave the house without earrings, especially if you are going to a special event. Swarovski earrings with their beautiful sparkles could be your choice.

Tips for Choosing Authentic Swarovski Jewelry

Starting from long earrings, pierced earrings, to pearl earrings with Swarovski sparkles to complete your appearance. By choosing the right Swarovski earrings, you can go from classic to elegant.

Price of Swarovski earrings: from IDR 1,300,000

Swarovski brooch
Swarovski brooches can also be an option to add a print to the dress/garment you wear. For those of you who wear the hijab, Swarovski brooches can also beautify the appearance of the hijab you wear. This Swarovski brooch gives an elegant impression with its beautiful shine.

Swarovski brooch price: from IDR 1,000,000

Tips for choosing real diamonds with the best sparkle
Diamonds have become a part of world life and culture. Not only is it considered one of the strongest stones, diamonds are also used almost all over the world to symbolize important moments. For example, as a symbol of eternal love in engagement and wedding rings. It is not surprising that demand for diamonds remains high even though they are expensive. For this reason, potential buyers need to know what a real diamond shines like compared to a “fake” diamond.

In addition, there are several features between real diamonds and diamond-like stones:

1. Moissanite
There are several stones whose shape is very similar to diamonds, one of which is moissanite. Moissanite is made from a natural mineral called silicon carbide. This mineral is quite rare and does not occur in sufficient quantities in nature. Therefore, moissanite used in jewelry is usually created in a laboratory.

What is a diamond?
It’s not just the origin, there is a striking difference between moissanite and diamonds, namely their shine. Jewelry and gemstone expert Don O’Connell revealed that moissanite has a different shine to natural diamonds.

“Moissanite is double distorted and is also cut differently than diamond to enhance its shine,” says Don O’Connell.

Reflections of colored light in moissanite can be seen by rotating the stone under the light. Additionally, moissanite does not reflect white or gray light like diamond.

2. Zirkon Kubik
Cubic zirconia merupakan pengganti berlBagaimana cara membedakan berlian asli dan palsu?

Cubic zirconia is the most popular substitute for diamonds and is made from synthetic materials, so its strength is not as hard as natural diamonds. The strength of cubic zirconia is only up to 8.5 Mohs.

Therefore, cubic zirconia cracks or breaks more easily when exposed to high heat. This is different from diamonds which do not react when heated, because the components of real diamonds have no effect on temperature changes.

3. Swarovski
Until now, many people believe that Swarovski crystals are stones that form naturally. That is not true. In fact, Swarovski crystals are not real crystals.

Swarovski crystals are glass made using high temperature and pressure. The chemicals used in its manufacture are silicon oxide and lead.

The first person to make Swarovski crystals was Daniel Swarovski in 1891. At that time, Daniel wanted to make a material that resembled diamonds without having to use mining.

4. Laboratory created diamonds
The process of creating natural diamonds takes billions of years. Production of artificial diamonds in the laboratory now takes only a few weeks. However, the appearance of the two looks similar. Additionally, you cannot differentiate between natural and lab-grown diamonds with the naked eye because they both have the same essence.