Watch Recommendations From SwarovskiSwarovski crystals are artificial crystals or stones and do not come from nature. Production of the crystal began in 1892 by Daniel Swarovski in Austria. These creations are identical to diamonds. Despite the different qualities of diamonds, Swarovski crystals are very popular around the world. To date, Swarovski’s company employs more than 30,000 people.

Watch Recommendations From SwarovskiWatch Recommendations

swarovskijewelry – The processing of glass crystal stones is not limited to jewelry alone. They also designed building designs such as houses, sculptures and others. In 1956, Christian Dior collaborated with Swarovski to develop the Aurora Borealis. Northern light creates a rainbow effect on Swarovski crystals, giving the impression of an attractive and elegant color. In 1977, Swarovski was able to bring jewelry products to market under his own brand. In 1995, Swarovski built a museum in Austria to exhibit his crystal collection.

Swarovski’s beautiful crystal sparkle appears to be due to the effect of tin oxide. But it’s still safe to use as jewelry. Here are some Watch Recommendations From Swarovski that you can get at the online store.

1. Octea Lux Chrono Watch, Leather Strap, Green, Rose-gold tone PVD – Green
This most popular collection of Octea watches reached a new level of precision and refinement with this luxurious new chronograph watch. Ideal for everyday use, it has a stopwatch function with cumulative and time intervals. The case is made of rustproof steel, which is coated with rose gold, while the facet crystal bezel suitable for Watch Recommendations From Swarovski, sunlight dials and crocodile-embellished original leather straps glow in emerald green shades. Case: 39 mm, waterproof up to 50 meters, made in Switzerland.

Color: Green
Price: Rp 8,699,000

2. Crystalline Delight Watch, Metal Bracelet, Pink, Rose Gold-Tone Finish – Pink
Choose this amazing Crystal Delight watch and wear about 1000 crystals on your wrist. Modern dials, pink straps and elegant golden rose finishes create an attractive combination for everyday style. Made in Switzerland and waterproof up to 50 m, it is designed with adjustable straps to ensure fit.

Color: Pink
Price: IDR 7,899,000

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3. Attract Watch, Metal Bracelet, White, Stainless Steel – White
This rustproof steel watch attracts attention. The elegant, eye-catching soft metal bracelet is decorated with over 150 clear crystals. The dial guilloche is decorated with a modernist crystal index that adds a luxurious touch to the design. It’s made in Switzerland, and it’s waterproof up to 50 meters. Perfect for every day, perfect for a night out.

Color: White
Price: IDR 7,299,000

4. Passage Chrono Watch, Leather strap, Red, Rose-gold tone PVD – Red
This luxurious Swarovski watch is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Featuring a contemporary rose gold-plated stainless steel case and a burgundy sundial, a luxurious and thick sparkling design with 100 clear crystals set in a rich pavé. The finely integrated chronograph movement, real leather Burgundy triad and rope, crocodile patterns and quick release mechanisms added their own impression. An eternal classic to wear anywhere, it complements everything from jeans and T-shirts to party wear. Made in Swiss, it holds water up to 50 meters.

Color: Red
Price: Rp 8,699,000

5. Octea Lux Sport Watch, Metal Bracelet, White, Gold-Tone Pvd – Gold
The Octea Lux Sport 37mm Chronograph is an extraordinary combination of creative art and meticulous craftsmanship. This is the best modern luxury watch. Made from stainless steel coated with champagne gold, it features a clear silver sunburst dial with crystal clock markers and three sub-dials. The sparkling crystal frame of the exclusive model line provides a new champagne gold color, and an elegant three-link metal bracelet complements the perfect design.

Color: Gold
Price: Rp 10,599,000

Watch from Swarovski

6. Octea Nova Watch, Swiss Made, Leather Strap, Green, Gold-Tone Finish – Green
This fascinating 33mm watch offers a bright color every time you wear it. The Swiss rust-resistant steel watch with a gold finish is the most prominent bezel and face made of a piece of sapphire crystal with 72 facets. Adding depth, the green choppy dial displays crystals for index markers and the motif of the Siro swan at 12 o’clock. This green watch is waterproof and has an Italian calfskin strap with embossed lizards. Choose to bring your daily style to life.

Color: Green
Price: Rp 6,699,000

7. Crystalline Aura Watch, Leather Strap, Gray, Rose-Gold Tone Pvd – Grey
Ultra elegant: Swarovski watches from our Crystal Aura collection are smart to combine shape and function. More than 1,300 crystals in the case of rose gold PVD create a scintillating effect. Taupe’s original leather strap and white silver dial with Swarovski goose at 12 o’clock complemented the sophisticated design. This Swiss watch is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Letter size: 35.5 mm
Watch length: 19 cm
Color: Grey
Price: IDR 7,899,000

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8. Crystal Rock Oval Watch, Swiss Made, Metal Bracelet, Black, Rose Gold-Tone Finish – Black
This Crystal Rock Oval watch is designed for spectacular glamour. The elegant oval box measures 26mm by 29mm and is made with beautiful rose gold. Under polished glass, the sunlit grey dial features Swarovski geese at 12 o’clock with a set of stones on the crown. The case was placed on an adjustable metal bracelet, decorated with approximately 232 ultra-fine Greek crystal stones, providing a stunning enchanting effect. This Swiss watch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, designed to keep you in time for everyday events. It’s the sophistication of all by yourself that takes you from day to night easily.

Color: Black
Price: IDR 7,899,000

9. Passage Moon Phase Watch, Leather Strap, Blue, Stainless Steel – Blue
This Swiss luxury watch is a unique handicraft thanks to its star – shaped sky design. The blue mother pearl is decorated with clear crystals that form galaxies in the night sky. Placed in crystal-embellished rust-resistant steel, the moon’s phase motion shows changes in the shape of the moon as it moves in position, waxing and fading. The bold design is equipped with a blue Italian original leather strap with a crocodile print. Waterproof up to 50 meters.

Color: Blue
Price: IDR 7,899,000

10. Crystalline Delight Watch, Metal Bracelet, Black, Rose Gold-Tone Finish – Black
Swarovski’s elegant, easy-to-use watch is full of iconic crystal glitter. The modern and elegant rose-lined dial PVD stainless steel case is filled with about 1,000 shining black crystals with freshness. The jewelry-inspired bracelet, also made of rose gold-plated rustproof steel, is finished with a minimalist design with shiny black enamel. The perfect accessory for this season’s style and beyond, watches are made in Switzerland and waterproof up to 50 meters. Adjustable links ensure that they match any wrist.

Color: Black
Price: IDR 7,899,000