Augmented Reality Jewelry Makes Online Jewelry Popular – Online shopping has always been a problem for the jewelry industry. Until now, most people prefer to buy jewelry directly from physical stores because consumers need the experience of wearing the jewelry they want. Augmented reality jewelry could be the answer for online jewelry businesses.

Augmented Reality Jewelry Makes Online Jewelry Popular

Augmented Reality Jewelry Makes Online Jewelry Popular

swarovskijewelry – According to Statta, retail jewelry sales in the US reached $62.7 billion in 2020, but only about 12% of that came from online sales.

Problem. The biggest thing that makes customers hesitate to buy online is the inability to physically test the product.Consumers may find it difficult to imagine what they want their jewelry to look like when worn. They also pay attention to size, especially on rings or necklaces. Sometimes products are too small or too big, even if you look at the size chart.

Key Benefits of Additional Jewelry:

  • Product Customization
  • Easier Data Collection and Analysis
  • Virtual Assistant Recommendations
  • Share interesting products. with friend
  • Possibility of updating the application in the future

Another problem with buying jewelry online

Besides, there are too many choices on the Internet. Moreover, if we are looking for very specific jewelry, the search results that appear contain thousands of offers. Just try searching on Google for “14 carat gold ring with rubies and diamonds” and the jewelry that comes up can run into the thousands. High consumers may look at the first 15-20 offers, but after that they will become reluctant, confused or bored.

It is very difficult to stand out from the competition and retain customers’ attention long enough for them. shopping Another concern is that the product image may be different from the original. 3D imaging is a good way to overcome some of these problems. But even so, you can’t be sure how the item will look when you wear it.

Augmented reality jewelry can indeed be a solution to all these problems. It’s also worth noting that in 2020 alone, there were over 600 million AR users and around 3 billion AR-enabled devices (according to AR Insider). So this technology is quite common and most of your customers can use it.

How does AR solve this problem?

For example, a consumer searches for a gold ring with rubies and diamonds and finds two similar designs. Both of them look beautiful in the photo. But what does the ring look like in real life? Does it match their skin tone? Is the diamond too big or small? They may also feel insecure about size. All this can definitely make your potential customers abandon online shopping and go to physical stores to avoid making the wrong purchase.

But mention your online jewelry business with an augmented reality jewelry app. Customers only need to take a smartphone and select the desired jewelry. Moreover, they can try them in different sizes and definitely match their actual proportions. The virtual assistant can then recommend discounts on similar earrings, for example, which could be a win-win for you.

Innovative, informative and fun augmented reality applications for jewelry can eliminate the problem of overselection. A virtual try-on app stands out from your competitors and can have valuable additions like a virtual assistant or the ability to customize the product.


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Do you need AR jewelry?

Any seller can use augmented reality technology online and test apps to attract customers to new products, drive revenue and increase sales conversions. . Jewelry brands may want to develop such programs to increase their brand awareness, create a positive brand image, and build a community of loyal fans.

Piercing studios can also benefit from such solutions. AR helps customers see how they will look after getting pierced. This is a very useful solution for less popular or unique ideas and helps customers make more informed decisions and purchases. Additionally, piercing studios are often integrated with tattoo parlors, and while tattoos are not jewelry, AR can certainly be useful for such body art.

Virtual experiments work well in many other areas too. . For example, fashion brands and retailers are so far using virtual fitting rooms. The beauty industry is also taking advantage of augmented reality. Especially during the pandemic, when society limits the cleanliness of the use of samples and testers.

How does AR work?

Simply put, AR overlays a photo or image directly from the device’s camera with a 3D jewelry model. In other cases, the software uses augmented reality gestures to align virtual jewelry with the wearer’s finger, wrist, neck or body part. Marks can be pieces of paper with certain symbols on them, or simply anatomical reference points. This depends on the type of model and how the software is programmed.

Useful features of augmented reality jewelry apps that other technologies don’t have.

Product personalization: customers are 40% more likely to buy more expensive products thanks to personalization. This is a great idea if you offer custom jewelry.

Easy data collection and analysis: You can implement AI modules that collect data and provide useful information.


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Virtual assistant module: Helps you choose the right size, design or recommend suitable jewelry. Thus, customers buy more than one product.

Share with friends (social media): Many people ask their friends’ opinions before making a purchase or want to be flexible when buying expensive jewelry on social networks. On the other hand, it can be a free advertising campaign for your business.

Option to update the app in the future: You can expand the app’s functionality as you wish. This means you can start with a small budget and create an MVP version. Based on the results provided, you can invest more.

Augmented reality jewelry for your Business!

In short, augmented reality jewelry apps are more than just fun or a short-lived new trend. This is very useful and can bring long-term benefits to your business. Based on the growing popularity of AR and its high commercial value, solutions such as virtual experiments continue to develop. Companies that have developed these applications will gain a competitive advantage and benefit from this new technology faster.

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