Rhinestones Similar To Swarovski – We all know that Swarovski is at the top of the crystal world, but not only have they limited the number of suppliers who can now sell their products in the UK, they have also increased the prices.


Rhinestones Similar To Swarovski

Rhinestones Similar To Swarovski

Alternative Crystal Brands

swarovskijewelry – Luckily, there are two other high-quality crystal brands on the market that are similar to Swarovski: Preciosa and Zodiac.


Preciosa Stone is widely available and produces quality cut glass components that can rival Swarovski. Even before 2021, many loyal Swarovski customers contacted Preciosa to get very similar but cheaper products.

The main difference between Swarovski and Preciosa flat crystals is the way the stones are cut, ie. number of facets and design. In the example below, you can see that the Swarovski Xirius facets are cut into a star shape (named after the letters “Xirius”). At the same time, the Preciosa Maxima veneer is cut to create small and large areas. The small pieces catch the light beautifully to match the Swarovski glitter.

Another big difference between the two most popular brands, and the reason many people are now turning to Preciosa, is the price. Overall, Preciosa is about 30% cheaper than Swarovski and this is a huge advantage for designers who don’t have to rely on the Swarovski brand – the evidence is good. Cheaper crystals allow small businesses to offer more competitive prices.


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using wildcards?

Apart from the low price, the big advantage of using a brand like Preciosa as a Swarovski alternative is that they offer almost the same products. So, if you have a creative company that is used to working with Swarovski and would like to offer similar products, in most cases you can rely on Preciosa to offer suitable options.

If you don’t use Swarovski products in your work, you may be missing out on the brand, and since Swarovski is well known in the industry, it may drive customers away. Although the name Preciosa is increasingly familiar and associated with quality products. And other similar brands such as Zodiac are also on the rise, especially with competitive prices.

The entire Preciosa range is available to purchase on our website and you can read more about Preciosa here.


Introduction to the Zodiac

Zodiac crystals are sure to impress with their brilliant shine, durable foil coating, and anti-scratch coating. Since launch, Zodiac crystals have received more than 1,900 five-star ratings for quality and performance, and 96% of customers said they would recommend them to a friend.

Zodiac Crystals consistently benchmarks against other leading brands in terms of quality and durability. These crystals have been applied to many surfaces without stickiness and we guarantee our customers that these crystals will last a long time.

The Zodiac brand is now recognized by tailors, fashion designers, nail artists, crafters, jewelers and seamstresses across the country as a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to Swarovski.

Zodiac Collection

Although the ever-expanding Zodiac Collection offers many of the same products as Swarovski, including quick fix and other quick fix rhinestones, sewn stones, pearls, pearls, crystal figurines, Rivoli studs, and rhinestones. discs, some items that do not yet have the Zodiac brand. The chandelier components, pointed cotton and shaped pearls can only be purchased from Swarovski or Preciosa.


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Can Zodiac match Swarovski’s famous sparkle?

The Zodiac is an imitation Swarovski cut glass stone with the same number of facets and the same Xirius style as the Swarovski 2088 crystal, so the Zodiac has almost the same sparkle. When compared side by side, it is almost impossible to see the difference between the two brands.

Many of our customers have commented on the similarities between Zodiac and Swarovski and most of them are now switching to Zodiac. Our fashion designers, stylists and dancers love AB Rivoli stitching, which has a nice AB shine and is now preferred over the Swarovski brand.

Money money money.

Apart from product quality, customers are more interested in the price difference between Zodiac and Swarovski. When the cost of living rises, everyone starts saving a little. This is why we are passionate about spreading the Zodiac news. Either way, Zodiac is able to offer their products at much lower prices than Swarovski, meaning you get a lot more shine for the price you pay.