What is The Difference Between Diamonds And Crystals – As the holidays approach, we see many watches with sparkling stones in watch collections. Sometimes it’s simple, like a small accent to mark the hour. Sometimes generously scatter the whole case and call. Crystal adds a festive feel to your watch, so I would wear it to Christmas dinner or a fancy New Year’s Eve party.


What is The Difference Between Diamonds And Crystals

What is The Difference Between Diamonds And Crystals

swarovskijewelry – Usually the sparkling stones on watches are made from crystal glass, and of course there are also watches made from real diamonds. But what is the difference between the two? And why are some watches with crystals almost as expensive as watches with real diamonds?

What are crystals?

In short, crystals are solidified minerals. This is a natural process – crystals also produce sugar, for example. Each mineral has crystals that have their own shape and color. For example rose quartz (pink), amethyst (purple) or jade (green and white). This gem is widely used in jewelry.

Diamonds are also natural crystals. It is formed by compression of coal under very high pressure in the deep layers of the earth.

Gems can be cut and polished into beautiful shapes due to their composition and hardness. Because diamonds are the hardest and brightest gems, they have unmatched brilliance once cut. Natural diamonds are difficult to mine and rare. Therefore, it is also one of the most expensive gems. The price is still determined by size, gloss and color.


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Natural crystals and artificial crystals

Because natural diamonds are so valuable, artificial crystals are often used in jewelry. An example is zirconium oxide, also known as artificial diamond. These crystals are not formed through natural processes, but rather through the melting of minerals at very high temperatures. After compaction, the stone is processed. Artificial diamonds are almost impossible to distinguish from real diamonds. It is almost as hard and can be cut in the same way.

Lab-produced diamonds are increasingly being used in watches, as they have a much lower environmental impact than natural diamonds. When real diamonds are mined, hazardous substances are often used and working conditions are not always good. Natural diamonds that are mined sustainably always have a certificate.

The most common form of artificial crystal used in watches is glass crystal.

Crystal glass and Swarovski crystals

Crystal glass is also an artificial crystal. It consists of a mixture of silica (quartz sand) and metal oxides, including lead. The higher the lead content in the glass, the shinier and richer the color. Ordinary crystal glass (crystal) contains at least 24 percent lead. Full lead crystals at least 30 percent.

Swarovski crystals are the pinnacle of all crystal glass and contain 32 percent lead. In the late 19th century, Daniel Swarovski developed a unique cutting technique that is still used today. Because Swarovski crystals are cut in more facets than regular crystal glass, they reflect light even better, which gives these stones a special shine. High lead content with special coating guarantees versatile color shades, extra shine and scratch resistance.

Swarovski crystals are of the best quality so they are more expensive than other crystal glasses.


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What is the difference in price of crystals and diamonds?

Watches featuring artificial crystals can be found of all brands and at any price. Usually plain crystal glass. The difference in the price of these watches lies in the movement used, function and materials used in the bracelet, casing and glass. Apart from that, the finishing of the watch also plays an important role.

Swarovski watches are high quality Swiss watches with Swiss movements and excellent workmanship. Therefore, this watch falls into a higher price segment. For example, Swarovski’s more luxurious models can cost more than the cheapest real diamond watches.