Elegant With Luxurious Sparkling Swarovski Jewelry – Looking elegant is every woman’s desire. Especially if the event you are attending is a prestigious event that highlights the appearance from top to bottom. Well, we have a special recommendation for those of you who want to look elegant using jewelry from Swarovski. Come on, find out directly through this article!

Elegant With Luxurious Sparkling Swarovski Jewelry

Elegant With Luxurious Sparkling Swarovski Jewelry

swarovskijewelry – For those of you who don’t know, Swarovski is a crystal produced by an Austrian crystal entrepreneur, Daniel Swarovski, so that it has become a famous trademark. Swarovski has more than 120 years of experience in the world of jewelry making.

So, for fans of luxury jewelry, the name Swarovski has become an idol, you know. But, luxury here doesn’t mean the price is exorbitant and unaffordable, OK? What is clear is that the shine of Swarovski jewelry is very beautiful, like diamonds.

Swarovski crystals are tough in the world of jewelry. The manufacturing is done consistently, using electronic machines with precision. Thanks to its flying hours, its shine is known to be as beautiful as a diamond.

Things you need to know before buying Swarovski

What are Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski started with Daniel Swarovski, who started the production of crystal glass. Started in Austria in 1895, these crystals are handcrafted in high-quality pieces. For him, crystals are a way to express and develop imagination.

Not just a source of income. In this way, Swarovski continued to grow until it became a well-known corporate brand.

What about the crystal material itself? Crystals are also called chromatic aberrations or prisms or rainbows. There are many, yes. Swarovski has beautiful colors and amazing shine.

Swarovski crystals with added tin oxide provide a more beautiful shine. And they make various kinds of beautiful jewelry, from necklaces, bracelets, to decorative clothing such as dresses and belts.

Now we see Swarovski crystals on the clothes of many famous people and in many top fashion brands. For example, Manolo Blahnik shoes add a glamorous impression to a satin suit.

Swarovski crystals also decorate crystal chandeliers, as in the film “Phantom of the Opera”; (2004) and several videos of world singers such as Michael Jackson and Nelly Furtado.

The crystals produced by Swarovski are so amazing that they have now become a reference brand that likes to add jewelry and sparkling materials to various designs. No wonder no one refused.
Differences between Swarovski, Zirconia and Diamonds

So, below we will test the advantages of each product. Because of course diamonds, Swarovski and zirconia have their respective advantages in terms of value and quality, market price and design. For those who want to know the differences between the three, here is a brief explanation. Basically all three are used as jewelry.

However, at first glance, Swarovski and zirconium oxide are very similar. However, if you look closely, the two look different. It does take experience to feel the difference between moving crystals. So take your time.

The difference between Swarovski and diamonds can be seen in the raw materials. Diamonds come from coal that forms over hundreds of years beneath the earth’s crust at high temperatures. This is one of the things that makes it a very expensive material besides its luster and strength.

Artists create glass cutting tools using crystals. Of course, different processes and raw materials provide different shine if you look closely. Similar to Aurora Borealis plating, this is also a process that allows us to produce Swarovski crystals of a higher quality than other manufactured crystals.

You Have To Get This Swarovski Jewelry

The following are suggestions for Swarovski jewelry for you to look at and consider as a collection or special gift for the people closest to your heart. Come on, let’s watch together!


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Iconic Swan Pendant

Have you ever seen a graceful swan shaped crystal pendant? The iconic Swan Pendant is a truly iconic Swarovski jewelery collection. Exuding a sense of romance and glamour, this pendant necklace is made of rhodium plated metal and decorated with crystal stones. Legendary!

The size of the pendant is 2 x 1.5 cm and the chain length is 38 cm. To get this iconic Swarovski Swan Pendant collection, you can order it now via Card Mail for IDR 2,069,000.


Swarovski Jewelry


Heroim Set

This Swarovski jewelry is a great addition to your collection. This rose gold Swarovski necklace and earrings exude feminine softness and sparkle.

Interestingly, the necklace and the two earrings are made with perfect precision. Suitable for a formal or relaxed atmosphere with your extended family.

Necklace is 14 7/8″ long and earrings are 3/8″. Are you interested? Come on and get the beautiful Heroim Set – Medium now from card post for IDR 2,428,300.

Vittore XL ring

Maybe you need beautiful, sparkling jewelry to attend the wedding of a friend or family member who will definitely be happy.

Express your happiness beautifully and harmoniously with this Swarovski Vittore XL ring. The Swarovski sparkle on your ring will further radiate the aura of your happy and happy face.

Don’t forget, the Vittore XL Ring also has investment value that you should protect. Even though it is not as expensive as diamonds, this Swarovski ring looks very similar to a diamond. This Vittore XL Ring is a larger version of the Vittore Ring.

In addition to beautiful and luxurious Swarovski stones, this ring has a soft rose gold layer combined with sparkling crystals. Come see these tires now on a postcard. You can order it now for IDR 1,539,300.

Henrietta Hanging Set

This offer is perfect for you as a souvenir. If you are looking for a beautiful gift for the woman you love, or maybe for a daughter on graduation day, you can consider this set of Swarovski necklace and earrings, the Henrietta Pendant Set.

Apart from not having to dig into your pockets for diamonds which are of course even more expensive, this set of jewelry already looks cool, luxurious and with the right cut really exudes elegance without having to look excessive.

This necklace and ring design conveys inspiration from the beauty of winter. The crystals are clear and clear, with a sparkle from the rhodium coating. Suitable for happy events such as attending weddings, reunions and various formal events.

Interested in making the Henrietta Pendant Set as a gift, either for a friend or yourself? This set of necklace and earrings is sold for IDR 1,637,300.