Swarovski Seeks to Attract Millennial Generation – Swarovski is synonymous with sparkle. After all, it is one of the largest crystal suppliers and the pinnacle of the jewelry industry. But despite these stark differences, all brands face a dilemma: how to appeal to young consumers while maintaining their core aesthetic. The Austrian-headquartered company has certainly made great progress in keeping up with the times, partnering with new fashion brands (especially in the US), tapping the talents of well-known figures in its campaigns, and strengthening its online efforts.

Swarovski Seeks to Attract Millennial Generation

Swarovski Seeks to Attract Millennial Generation

swarovskijewelry – “We have significantly increased our digital presence to connect with a wider audience in a fresher and bolder way,” said Robert Buchbauer, CEO of Swarovski. “We think this is key to introducing the Millennial generation to the brand’s amazing versatility. In addition to social media, we’ve turned our brand website into an editorial site, with inspiring stories, behind-the-scenes content, style tips and more. We want to share the conversation with consumers and give them access to our world of crystals. Lastly, the brand collaborates with influential talents who have been selected based on their global fashion authority, alignment with our brand values, and of course their ability to appeal to a wide audience.

Swarovski has more than 2,000 stores worldwide in various markets. Swarovski has the reach, visibility and resources to change the direction of the industry (or at least the opportunity to try) according to their agenda. However, the mindset of consumers, especially the millennial generation, continues to change. Even Swarovski has had to consider and adapt to today’s shopping habits – not only through marketing tactics and digital expansion, but also through design.
As we live in a trendy culture, Swarovski recently introduced the new Remix collection, which maintains its classic aesthetic but also has the ability to evolve and catch the attention of many. This is done by promoting personalization, allowing consumers to choose from a variety of attractive options according to their tastes. Here, Nathalie Colin, Swarovski Creative Director, talks about the Remix collection and how she continues to strive to modernize the brand.

What is your vision for the brand?

From day one, the vision was to bring modernity. Not only with the materials, but also bringing a modern twist to founder Daniel Swarovski’s original vision. Another thing that is very strong in my designs is diversity. I don’t want to promote head-to-toe, completely coordinated silhouettes, but to build individuality, the beauty of individuality in pieces that make them more personal. For example, when I present a series of items, I try not to create the same pattern – like downsizing the rings and breaking up the bracelets. I always coordinate it but with a personal touch that makes it more interesting. There are many ways to create combinations. In fact, I started promoting style tips every season. We have brand ambassadors recommending trends like wearing maxi earrings with bracelets.

How do Swarovski buyers receive these design tips?

We have magazines to give away in the shop, which are on the home page. These style tips also serve as a training program for all of the site’s ambassadors, informing them of the season’s trends and how to advise consumers on jewelry matching.

You talked about modernizing the brand. Can you elaborate on that?

Brand modernization is a never-ending job. When something is outdated, it is removed from the market without consumers paying attention. I hope my followers will pick it up too. Brand modernization has many aspects. It first starts with the product. Even more classic collections definitely have a twist. There should always be a sense of surprise – something unexpected that gives a contemporary feel.


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Can you give an example to reverse this?

If we have a very classic flower shape, instead of making all the petals pavé, one of them is polished metal. Or the design is not symmetrical enough. It’s a small detail, but less expected.

Do you think consumers care about these small details?

I think they saw it as a little story to drum up interest. They almost see it as a craft. Consumers today have a clear choice. They want products that give them a unique feel – especially when it comes to accessories. Each accessory has its own story to explain why they chose it.

Is that why Swarovski will be personalized? And do you think consumers really like it?

I think the world is increasingly recognizing the beauty of individuality. If we all looked the same, the world would be very boring. In my role, I can promote individuality and celebrate diversity. I want to empower women and consumers in general to choose something that reminds them and says something about their personality. They need to celebrate who they are, that’s what I care about. In addition, women today are very busy and fast-paced. They look for accessories that can change, be versatile; which can easily add different expressions.




How does it affect business?

With this, women are turning to shopping instead of gift giving. We also have a wider selection because you can’t fit just three pieces. Women should have enough variety so they can choose what they really like. If not, it’s not personalization. That’s why we have more classic and very trendy items.

Why is Swarovski afraid of its prize models?

We are not ashamed. This is a big part of Swarovski’s business. Globally, the number is almost 50 percent. In America, this company accounts for a third of total business. We feel it’s important for us as a brand that the more trends and seasonal collections we develop, the more we buy. In general, consumers prefer more classic gifts, without flashy silhouettes or lots of colors.

This is how the new Remix collection was born?

Remix is ​​built on the idea of ​​customization and adaptation. It’s about a woman who transforms herself into various functions with her jewelry, or she can adapt it to different styles from season to season. The main piece is a chain bracelet with a magnetic closure, to which you can attach various crystals or animals. You can also connect two magnetic chains and make a double bracelet or necklace. And with three you can make a necklace. The options are endless. You can paste it; connect them. We will publish it this fall and winter. And for spring and summer we already have clothes that can be combined with the winter collection.

Will Swarovski continue to be in the Remix collection in the years to come?

This is a capsule collection that is a large part of our collection, but not the entirety of it. For the initial release, we have six different parts that can be combined into a million combinations. That’s a pretty big deal. After that, we will add new models every season.

Is Remix designed to attract the attention of the younger generation?

We have lots of cute designs and graphic symbols like emoticons, but we have other parts made of crystals and balls. This part is much more classic. One day I talked to some of the Japanese, French and American markets and learned that crystals and balls appeal to more mature women. They love the idea of ​​combining and reinventing different pieces of jewelry. There are different styles to cover different tastes and age groups.