Swarovski’s Best Collaborations With Different Brands – If you cut your finger while cutting an onion, you use a bandage. If you accidentally drop a cactus and there is dirt on the living room floor, use a Hoover tool. And if you want to feel like a drag queen and/or Strictly Come Dancing star, you can turn to Swarovski.

Swarovski’s Best Collaborations With Different Brands

Swarovski's Best Collaborations With Different Brands

swarovskijewelry – A brand that represents all things sparkling is more than just costume crystal heaven, Swarovski is a billion-dollar family business that makes everything from road safety products and bars to binoculars, chandeliers and jewellery. and of course the original category that started the business in Austria in 1895 – glassware. However, what makes this brand stand out the most, and the reason why it is synonymous with glamorous sparkle, is Swarovski Professional, their brand division, which offers a wide range of loose crystals for creatives everywhere.

The world seems to be in such a harsh and dark state that it’s no surprise that everyone wants to shine brighter. To celebrate the Crystly geeks (and perhaps because we’re at the peak of Strictly season), we bring you Swarovski’s 10 best collaborations, starring pioneers in sport, music and fashion.

Mary Katrantzou SS20

Ahhh, the Greek Fantasy of Mary Katrantzou’s latest catwalk show that opened around the Temple of Poseidon in Athens… Ancient Greek intellectual ideas and concepts such as philosophy, medicine, fashion astronomy, which became like clothing to be challenged. gravity What better way to paint stars than the pure luxury of Swarovski crystals, sculpturally forming an aura of light around the costume? Katrantzou is already experienced in the use of embellishments in her work (and has been a Swarovski collaborator since 2008) and was accompanied by Lady Sophia Neophitou, who provided her insight into the show’s design. We’re totally biased when we say this, but who cares, this is one of the best glitter-based shows of the season.

Nike for Serena Williams at Wimbledon 2019

Serena Williams brings glamor to Center Court. Always keen to follow a strict dress code in tennis, she teamed up with Nike for her latest look at Wimbledon, where she accessorized her white dress with a warm smile and layered embellishments – now known as brooches. Crafted from 34 Swarovski crystals – a nod to Serena’s age when she won her last Wimbledon trophy in 2016 – they match her Nike Flare Knit Low sneakers, which are made from thousands of crystal cations designed to enhance the shoe’s surface structure and flexibility. She may have lost the final, but Serena definitely won the fashion game of the tournament.

Spice Girls Spice World

I want, I want, I want another Spice Girls reunion coming soon. Yes, this last one may be freshly made, but it doesn’t have much seasoning! Especially when they look so good, shining like the first time. That’s all thanks to the millions of Swarovski crystals covering their stage costumes, which were designed by their costume designer Gabriella Slade. That means there are over 100 outfits for Ginger, Scary, Baby and Sporty and their backing dancers to light up every stage of their arena tour and ensure even the cheap (still expensive!) back seats see the signature. Hello, Si, Ja – shine!


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Rappers Deals Big Day Promo

A music release is just a music release. Creating buzz around a new album becomes increasingly difficult, especially when there are around 500 other releases on the same day. There are those who try to do it and there are those who just do it. Chance the Rapper falls into the latter category, as he followed the arrival of his first major official album, The Big Day, with an art exhibition and pop-up shop in his hometown of Chicago. Delve into a 9-bedroom residence with Sara Shakeel gear that’s reminiscent of Chance the Rapper’s past, except now with Swarovski. “He asked if I could help create a pop-up experience inspired by the most important moments in his life, past and present, showing how each moment led him to where he is today,” explains Shakeel. Forget Pinterest, this is serious home decor inspiration.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

A collaboration made in angelic heaven, Swarovski has been involved in the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Victoria's Secret fashion show for more than a decade, each year helping to create some of its most iconic moments. Remember that baby doll fringe top that Naomi Campbell wore in 2003? Swarovski indeed. Or when Lily Donaldson became a crystal-encrusted butterfly? Yes, Swarovski again. Blonde Romee Strijd was a standout at last year’s show, wearing 125,000 crystals as part of the Heavenly Angels segment. She played a shooting star in a see-through bodysuit representing a glorious night. sky And instead of wings, he carried a seven-pointed star with a large square crystal hanging inside a circle. It’s been over a year and I still can’t get over it…


Swarovski’s Best Collaborations


GK Elite for Simone Biles

Simone Biles is a real-life superhero and deserves an outfit to match. Superman has a cape, Batman has a mask and Biles has an amazing body. At this year’s World Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart, sportswear specialist GK Elite worked with Swarovski on Team USA uniforms. Biles and her team wore a magical, red, white and blue design inspired by the American flag and decorated with 2,875 crystals in a record-breaking performance at the final. Shine in the competition, it will definitely set you apart instantly.


Aren’t hyperbeasts immune to great power. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Supreme commissioned Swarovski to reinterpret their iconic box logo for a capsule collection that took over 50,000 pieces to produce. These crystal-encrusted t-shirts and hoodies are handcrafted and turn hype into slow fashion. The Swarovski Ingredient Branding seal is added to clothing labels to ensure the authenticity of each product. Oh, and children’s director (and lead partner) Larry Clark later modeled for the campaign. Not a big problem.

Rocket Man

Did you know that when he wrote Donand#039;n let the sun go down on me, Elton John was actually inspired by the fact that his jazz clothes didn’t look as good in the dark lights? NO? You probably don’t know because I’m totally making this up now. But that’s a very believable lie, especially for someone as famous for his camp looks as Sir ELton. So it’s no surprise that costume designer Julian Day used more than a million Swarovski crystals to recreate the singer’s extravagant style in its original form for the singer’s biopic. Taron Egerton playing Rocket Man in his own baseball uniform in front of a stadium audience? If that doesn’t excite you, there’s something wrong with you.

Halpern SS20

Inspired by Ziegfield follies and real-life showgirls of the 1920s, Michael Halpern brought old-school drama to London Fashion Week last September with his SS20 show. There’s no better way than to get the Gatsby effect, but add a lot of sparkle to the mix. As part of his collaboration with Swarovski, Bob Mackie Jr. adding crystals to her outfit, jewelry, and headdress, so her diva can be the center of attention at parties wherever she goes.