Get to know about the use of Swarovski jewelry – Swarovski is a crystal brand originating from Austria. Swarovski crystal products are of the best quality and their beauty cannot be doubted. Swarovski is one of the most famous crystal brands in the world and is considered by many to be a symbol of luxury and beauty. In addition, Swarovski has a long history of producing high-quality crystal products that are recognized worldwide.

Get to know about the use of Swarovski jewelry

Get to know about the use of Swarovski jewelry

swarovskijewelry – If you want to have beautiful and high quality jewelry or handicrafts, Swarovski is the right choice for you. Apart from that, Swarovski is also the first choice of many designers when creating clothing and fashion accessories because of the alluring beauty of its crystals.

Swarovski manufacturing materials

Swarovski is made from high-quality crystals, which are produced through a special process patented by the company. Swarovski crystals contain over 30% lead and are known for their exceptional clarity and brilliance.

To produce Swarovski crystals, the raw materials of glass sand, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate and several other chemicals are mixed first and heated in an oven to a temperature of more than 1,400 degrees Celsius. The resulting crystals are then cut and carved using advanced technology to produce beautiful and high quality crystal products.

Swarovski materials and benefits

Although Swarovski is made from very beautiful crystals, there are no special ingredients or properties associated with these crystals. Swarovski is simply a well-known and recognized brand in the world of fashion and craftsmanship.

Swarovski is often used as additional jewelry on clothing and fashion accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. Many women choose Swarovski to complement their dresses because of the beauty and luxurious feel of these crystals.

Swarovski is registered with BPOM

As a company that has a good reputation in the world, Swarovski guarantees that its products are produced to high quality standards. To guarantee quality and safety, Swarovski is also registered with BPOM and follows the regulations in force in Indonesia.

When choosing Swarovski products, make sure you buy original and quality products. There are lots of fake Swarovski products circulating on the market. Therefore, make sure the product you buy has official Swarovski packaging. This way you can enjoy the beauty of Swarovski crystals with peace of mind and peace of mind.

Swarovski Advantages and Disadvantages

Swarovski is a well-known jewelry brand that is highly sought after by many people all over the world. Like many other premium brands, Swarovski also has counterfeit products which adds to the brand’s quality problems. The difference between real and fake Swarovski is quite difficult to distinguish, especially if you are not a jewelry lover or expert. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of genuine and fake Swarovski:

Swarovski Advantages

Genuine Swarovski jewelry products are of very high quality. Good. The power of real crystals lasts longer than fake versions. In addition, Swarovski crystals are characterized by extraordinary clarity and shine. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is often used to decorate various items such as shoes, bags and clothing which tend to give a glamorous impression because of the shine of the crystals.

Swarovski Disadvantages

The downside of Swarovski is that thieves, counterfeiters and even some traders who sell fake goods sell products, they often manipulate the authenticity of Swarovski products while following current fashion trends. So it is not surprising that original and high quality products are sometimes difficult to find or available in limited quantities. Apart from that, the relatively expensive price of genuine Swarovski is also an obstacle for lower middle class people.


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The advantages of using genuine Swarovski

1. Leaves an elegant impression

Genuine Swarovski has a superior crystal shine that no other brand can compete with. The glamorous and luxurious impression from Swarovski gives your appearance a high aesthetic value. Using genuine Swarovski accessories makes your appearance even more elegant and charming.

2. Long term investment

Authentic Swarovski items are not only personal fashion decorations, but can also be used as long-term investments. The quality of genuine Swarovski crystals is high and several studies have also shown that these products have lasting value. Therefore, you can not only consider using them as decoration for clothes and shoes, but also as a valuable investment for the future.

Understanding the differences between real and fake Swarovski can help you ensure you always purchase genuine, high-quality Swarovski products that suit your wallet. Not only does it beautify your appearance, using original Swarovski accessories can also be a strategic investment for the future.


Swarovski jewelry


Side effects and dangers of using fake Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals, which are known for their high quality and shine, are often seen being made into counterfeit or counterfeit items. Of course, genuine Swarovski crystals are quite expensive, but that is not a reason to buy counterfeit or counterfeit crystals. Fake or imitation Swarovski crystals can actually cause side effects and are dangerous for users.

1. Low Quality Crystals

Firstly, fake Swarovski crystals are of much lower quality than genuine crystals. Usually fake crystals are made from cheap materials and do not produce the sparkle of real crystals. This will of course have a big impact on the appearance and aesthetics of the final product.

2. Danger of poison in fake crystals

Fake Swarovski crystals can also contain dangerous ingredients such as lead or arsenic. In the long term, these ingredients can harm the body and cause various diseases. Therefore, it is very important to choose genuine Swarovski crystals if you want to create products that are safe and healthy for you.

3. Harmful to the environment

Not only are they dangerous for your health, fake Swarovski crystals can also harm the environment. Many factories that produce fake crystals do not pay attention to the effects of the materials they use. The environmental impact of producing these fake crystals can be huge and dangerous.

4. Harmful to original crystal producers

Genuine Swarovski crystals are quite expensive, but behind this price there is an element of value that comes from the quality and authenticity of the materials used. Purchasing counterfeit or counterfeit crystals will harm both the producers of genuine crystals, who have strived for quality and authenticity, and the many farmers who grow genuine crystals in Austria.

5. Disappointing Customers

Lastly, products made with fake Swarovski crystals actually result in disappointed and dissatisfied customers. Fake crystal cannot achieve the desired shine and aesthetic effect. This will of course affect sales of the products produced and also customer trust in the brand.

Therefore, it is very important for craftsmen to guarantee the authenticity of the Swarovski crystals they use. Apart from that, consumers need to pay more attention when choosing products with Swarovski crystals so that they are not easily fooled and influenced by cheap prices. Choose products with guaranteed authenticity of Swarovski crystals in the interests of your health, the environment and to encourage the activities of true crystal crafters.