Recommended beautiful Swarovski necklace – Exclusive and elegant designs, here you will find a wide selection of Swarovski necklace proposals.Accessories and jewelry lovers may have heard of Swarovski necklaces or other Swarovski accessories.

Recommended beautiful Swarovski necklace

Recommended beautiful Swarovski necklace

swarovskijewelry – Yes, many people think Swarovski is a type of gemstone or diamond. Actually, this is a brand from a company from Wattens, Austria.

Its popularity is increasing as Swarovski frequently releases various unique, elegant and trendy collections. Starting from necklaces, rings, watches to various other accessories with various attractive designs.

Here you will find various recommendations for Swarovski necklaces that can be your choice for various occasions. Products are selected for different groups based on their popularity and type.

1. Stone pendant, pink, rose gold plated
Lovers of pink and rose gold can make this stone, pink, rose gold plated Pendant Bucket List! The rose gold design, elegant lion, elegant pink cup stand out for your special moments. The woman is chosen and committed to everything related to her.

Summary: Rock.
The necklace is a touch of pink.
Minimum length: 35 cm.
Maximum width: 42 cm.

2. Iconic Swan Pendant – Blue
No, that’s all I mean about Swarovski’s iconic swan pendant – blue. Yes, the reason is that in this case the symbols do not need to be combined with the Crystal Pointiage® technique.

Uniquely, Swarovski crystals have become increasingly popular in recent years. He initially warned that silver and gold tones could be more audible.

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Gradient blue color.
Rhodium plated necklace.
Length 37 cm.
Lion size.

3. Millenia Pendant, Octagonal Piece, Green, Gold Plated – Green
Bored with those minimalist necklaces? You can check out: Gold Plated Green Octagonal Cut Millenia Pendant – Green. With a length of 75 cm, this necklace will add glamor to your appearance and stand out!

Plus, the light green crystal pendant makes it luxurious yet classic! Suitable for those of you who want to be the center of attention at a party.

Collection: Millenia.
Length: 75 cm.
Material: Crystal, gold plated.

4. Delium Necklace Round Bamboo White Rose Gold Plated – White
If you’re looking for another unique Swarovski necklace, check out the Dellium Round Bamboo White Rose Gold Plated Necklace – White. Inspired by the power of bamboo, it features an unconventional design in the form of a white crystal with a circular pendant.

The rose gold color adds an even more elegant impression. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

Collection: Dellium.
White and rose gold.
Minimum length: 37 cm.
Maximum length: 42 cm.

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5. Liontin millenia, potongan buah pir, putih, dilapisi rhodium – Putih
Saya suka yang ini terlihat seperti kalung yang klasik dan abadi? Liontin Millenia, potongan buah pir, putih, berlapis rhodium – Putih bisa jadi jawabannya! Dihiasi dengan warna perak klasik, aksen batu ringan menciptakan tampilan yang elegan.

Dengan kalung berlapis rhodium, kalung ini cocok untuk dikenakan di berbagai kesempatan. Mulai dari penampilan feminin sehari-hari, dari momen profesional hingga acara meriah.

Koleksi: Milenium.
Bahan: rhodium berlapis, zirkonium.
Warnanya putih.
Panjang maksimum: 42 cm.

Swarovski necklace recommendation

6. Kalung tari berkilau, putih, berlapis emas mawar – Putih
Lagi dengan Kalungnya dengan sentuhan rose gold yang cantik, Rantai Bola Berkilau, Putih, Lapis Rose Gold – Putih harus menjadi bagian dari koleksi aksesoris Anda. Dengan desain mempesona yang terbuat dari batu berbentuk semanggi, mengadopsi filosofi “menari” dalam penampilannya. Cocok untuk menambah aksen feminim pada penampilan Anda.

Koleksi: Tarian Berkilau.
Bahan: Pelapisan emas mawar, kristal, dan zirkonia kubik.
Panjang: 38 cm.
Kalung berlapis rhodium.

7. Rose Gold Plated Latisha Flower Pendant – Pink
The exclusive Each Other Necklace from Swarovski is the Latisha Pendant, floral, rose, rose gold plated – pink. As the name and shape suggests, this necklace also features a pendant with an elegant floral motif. With a beautiful rose gold color, it looks even more beautiful.

It is made using Swarovski’s signature Pointiage® technique. Attend an engagement, wedding or other formal event to appear more elegant!

Collection: Latisha.
Material: rose gold layer, crystal and Ceralun.
Minimum length: 38 cm.
Maximum length: 43 cm.
Width: 1.3 cm.

8. Millenia Necklace, Octagonal Record, Purple, Rose Gold Plated – Purple
The Millenia Necklace product, octagonal cut, purple, rose gold plated – purple , always from the Mollenia collection, features a minimalist design that still stands out Trailer. The octagonal accent of purple stones and small fancy stones around it make this necklace elegant.

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This series also includes other types of accessories, such as rings and earrings, which can be worn in pairs. Your appearance will look even more radiant!

Collection: Millenia.
The color of the stone is purple, other color choices are silver, pink, gold and blue.
Minimum length: 38 cm.
Maximum length: 42.5 cm.
Width: 0.8 cm.
Material: rose gold plated and zircon.

9. Echo pendant, mixed cuts, floral, white, rhodium plated – White
Necklace shapes inspired by flowers always attract attention. For example Echo pendant, mixed cuts, floral, white, rhodium plated – this white one.

The asymmetrical flower shape on this necklace, designed with sparkling transparent stones, looks unique. Apart from that, the rhodium plated necklace makes your appearance even more stunning.

Collection: Echo
Material: rhodium plated, zircon
Minimum length: 36 cm.
Maximum length: 41 cm.
Width: 2.2cm.

10. Dancing swan necklace, white, rhodium plated – silver
Finally there is a tip for the Swarovski necklace which is also one of the most iconic, namely the Dancing Swan Necklace, white, rhodium plated – silver. As the name suggests, this necklace has a beautiful dancing swan pendant with the addition of sparkling stones.

The stone in the middle, which is also the “swan’s body”, has different colors, such as silver and blue. This rhodium plated necklace is suitable for various occasions.

Length: 38 cm.
Pendant dimensions: 1.7 x 1.2 cm.