Swarovski Jewelry Business Tips for Two Lovebirds – Crystal stones have recently become the main choice for those who want a luxurious and elegant look. It’s no surprise that the trend is very popular in the fashion and jewelry accessories industry.

Swarovski Jewelry Business Tips for Two Lovebirds

Swarovski Jewelry Business Tips for Two Lovebirds

swarovskijewelry – Throughout the world, the Swarovski brand produced by Daniel Swarovski has become a global brand and is loved by many fans. Many designers use Swarovski crystals to enhance the charm of their creations.

Maharani Ruth and Almaciga Tjondro Looking for business opportunities in the Swarovski-based jewelry business, the couple Maharani Ruth and Almaciga Tjondro did not remain silent. In 2010, the two founded the Swarovski jewelry store. Products sold include necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. They have two brands that cover their products: AR Signature as the main line and AR Hestia as the secondary line with a price range of IDR 700,000 to tens of millions.

The characteristic of the AR Signature is that it is completely handmade and has a more complicated design, while the AR Hestia is more of a simple object, the main components being titanium and stainless steel. “AR signature designs are much more complex and require longer processing time so the price is relatively higher. Meanwhile, the AR Hestia design is more suitable for everyday use, so the price is more affordable

Two lovebirds from college could be called brave and cruel when they entered the Swarovski jewelry trade. All investments in precious metals and shares made previously. A total of IDR 50 million is needed to launch AR Signature. Jewelry making techniques are also self-taught through YouTube and people asking questions. By the way, Since middle school, Ruth likes doing manual labor, so it’s not embarrassing to learn it.

Through the results of his hard work at that time, AR Signature and Hestia slowly began to become known to the public. Every month the average turnover reaches IDR 80-100 million. They became an Official Swarovski branding partner. Even though, when starting a company, source from dealers in Singapore. Swarovski’s trust in becoming a branding partner is not achieved just by . You should k mention the cohesion of the company with a smooth design to from the source to trace and install it.

AR Signature and Hestia , confirm , have authenticity in design. They rejected requests from consumers ordering sex products to copy other sizes of brands. “At first Swarovski hated us, but over time they realized that our brand was sustainable and reputable. “So, Swarovski Indonesia was appointed as our contact by the Swarovski Center in Austria,” said the man who was born in July 1988.

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K span This partnership helps companies, to strengthen trust. All products sold are guaranteed to be original, that is, they only use Swarovski elements. By the way, according to Alma, in Indonesia it is still rare for players to make their own Swarovski jewelry. On the other hand, there are many uses for the Fashion industry. “When we started building this business, we first looked at who our competitors were and it turned out that there were no jewelers in Indonesia. K or for Clothing many competitors,

So far, marketing for AR Signature has mainly used social media, bazaars and word of mouth strategies. Almost every month he takes part in bazaars held in large shopping centers in Jakarta. According to Alma, this method is more effective than advertising. He once tried placing advertisements on the Internet and in magazines, but they were ineffective and he got no response.“We tried advertising, but it didn’t work for the industry in jewelry. “We needed to find people who really love jewelry, so we focused on just that,”

Swarovski Jewelry Business Tips for Two Lovebirds


Choosing the type of bazaar, continued Alma, is very important to increase sales. Based on his experience, not all bazaars can contribute well to the AR Signature business. For example, in the first year of participation in the bazaar, AR Signature experienced losses because it was still trying to find a bazaar that could make a positive contribution. “We will pay attention to which bazaars are good, next year we will be more selective and only take good bazaars,” said Alma again.

These two lovebirds don’t want to be too reckless by investing a lot of money in marketing terms. You further optimize the existing potential so that the selling price does not immediately increase as high as possible. v Branding activities through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, websites and Twitter currently contribute quite a bit to this. Lastly, AR Signature once tried to open a shop at Plaza Indonesia and had a bad experience. I heard that market conditions at that time were very bad, the shopping center was also being renovated on almost all floors, so the shops were quiet because of these factors. “We finally focused on online,

In terms of social media, AR Signature has many followers. On Instagram, for example, the @assignature account has more than 1,700 followers, as well as on Twitter @assignature_com which has more than 2,000 followers. According to Alma, the most important thing right now is maintaining product quality for market sustainability. Don’t let ai AR Signature become money-oriented and forget about quality.

Stefani Gustan, one of AR Signature’s customers, is an example of informing customers via social media. He admitted this product to me on Instagram. Stefani felt interested in buying because the price was affordable, there were many variations, and custom orders could be made. “I have shopped there more than five times and the service is quite satisfying. “We hope that new models will continue to enter the market every year