Swarovski Earring Recommendation – Swarovski crystals don’t actually exist in nature like diamonds. It is a man-made crystal of lead glass and consists of quartz, sand and minerals. However, the mixing ratio remained Swarovski’s secret.

Swarovski Earring RecommendationSwarovski Earring

swarovskijewelry – At the beginning of Swarovski’s birth, the Swarovski company used edelweis flowers as its logo until 1988, when it was replaced by what is now known. Goose. Various goose carvings can also be found in Swarovski jewelry.

Why Swarovski Expensive Than Glass

This is because Swarovski only uses high-quality goods. The production of single crystals is also very complicated. To obtain beautiful, high-quality crystals, they must have a hundred equal sides in different directions. Each direction of reflected light must first be calculated on the computer, simulated in three dimensions and then programmed into the machine.

Here are Swarovski’s Earring Recommendations:

1. Sunshine Stud Earrings, Pink, Rhodium Plated – Pink
First of Swarovski Earring Recommendation. These attractive earrings reflect the joy of spring. Inspired by the sun, the pair feature a clearly framed middle stone inlaid with Rose Rays rhodium. Designed for hair care.

Color: Pink
Price: IDR 2,339,000

2. Millenia Clip Earrings, Square Cut, White, Rhodium Plated – White
Our Millenian quintessential style is wonderfully expressed with these sparkling earrings. The flat rows of square stones are clearly rhodium-coated, creating a harmonious balance between metal and crystal. It is a brilliant look that can be enjoyed any day or night.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,899,000

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3. Volta Stud Earrings, Bow, Small, White, Rhodium Plated – White
This adorable bow inspired button is the perfect way to add some talent to your style. Each rhodium-coated piece is bound in a ribbon pattern in which a series of brilliantly clear crystals are arranged using conversational techniques. A clear middle stone adds a finishing touch. A beautiful romantic gift idea that can be paired with a necklace from Volta’s collection to complement your style.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,699,000

4. Bella V Drop Earrings, Round Cut, Gold Tone, Gold-Tone Plated – Gold
The details make these shiny earrings attract attention. The sage gold center stone is covered in gold, while the clear glittering pavé adds an extra layer of beauty. Wear it every day to add a great finishing touch to your style.

Color: Gold
Price: Rp 1,799,000

5. Volta Stud Earrings, Bow, Small, White, Rose Gold-Tone Plated – White
These bright ribbon – inspired stud earrings are an ideal way to add elegance to your look. Each rose gold-plated piece is connected by a band design featuring bright clear crystal lines arranged using chatonnage techniques. A clear middle stone completes the look. A good romantic gift idea that can be paired with a necklace from Volta’s collection to align your style.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,699,000

6. Swarovski Iconic Swan Drop Earrings, Swan, White, Rhodium Plated – White
These sparkling earrings perfectly depict Swarovski Swan’s iconic movements. Each part has a white crystal arranged on a shiny rhodium coating to create a glittering silhouette. Use it as a reminder every day to spread your wings.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,899,000

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7. Luna Drop Earrings, Asymmetrical Design, Moon, Multicolored, Rose Gold-Tone Plated – Multicolored
Luna’s sparkling earrings are an elegant tribute to the reflection and shadow of the moon. shrouded in rose gold shades, the design features an elegant pair of crescent moons, each decorated with dark-toned crystals hanging from a sparkling mini ring. One earring has pearls removed. Perfect choice no matter what stage of style you’re on.

Color: Multicolor
Price: IDR 2,699,000

Swarovski Earring

8. Swarovski Iconic Swan Stud Earrings, Swan, White, Rhodium Plated – White
The iconic Swarovski goose is beautifully lit in these earrings. With its wings raised high, ready to fly, the swan is decorated with brilliant rhodium layers consisting of sparkling clear crystals. Choose this style for daily inspiration.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,439,000

9. Matrix Hoop Earrings, Baguette Cut, Green, Gold-Tone Plated – Green
Surround your style with crystals with these charming Matrix earrings that add sparkling detail to the ring design. Each gold-toned piece features a circle of lady-cut baguettes in deep green, held together by an elaborate fork. This design is just the right amount of glamour. Put it all on.

Color: Green
Price: IDR 2,899,000

10. Echo Drop Earrings, Mixed Cuts, Flower, Blue, Rhodium Plated – Blue
Add natural beauty to any style with echo-tinted earrings that bloom with omair-faire. Blended blue crystals are arranged organically but precisely in a refined rhodium arrangement, allowing each color to glow. Pair with the Echo family’s blue necklace or wear it yourself for glamour after dark.

Color: Blue
Price: Rp 3,469,000

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11. Mesmera Drop Earrings, Mixed Cuts, Green, Rhodium Plated – Green
Made in an elegant Mesmera style, these sparkling earrings are unique in every detail. The rhodium-coated design featured a hanging triangle Swarovski zirconia, each in a different shape, while the middle octagon was designed in hypnotic green. Give these fancy earrings to your loved ones and see their eyes light up.

Color: Green
Price: IDR 2,899,000

12. Dexter Drop Earrings, Round Cut, White, Gold-Tone Plated – White
These Dexter earrings are designed to turn heads. Each gold-toned piece is framed by a round stone paired with a mini bezel that captures light from all sides. A very easy way to maximize your force in the crystal.

Color: White
Price: IDR 2,439,000

13. Una Stud Earrings, Heart, Small, White, Rose-Gold Tone Plated – White
Perfect for everyday wear, these pierced earrings represent a new direction for the iconic Swarovski brand. The heart – shaped rose – hair pair is designed to ignite imagination with a sparkling peacock crystal. A perfect gift, for a loved one or even for a gift of your own. These earrings belong to the Una family designed for Collection III.

Color: White
Price: Rp 3,199,000

14. Dextera Hoop Earrings, Pavé, Black, Ruthenium Plated – Black
A modern twist on classical earrings, this one-type pair adds a dynamic touch to any outfit. His sculpture designs celebrated Swarovski’s iconic pavé technique with glittering flake crystals against ruthenium-coated frames. Not only during the day, but also using this duo for after-dark looks. These earrings are a group of Dextera family designed by creative director Giovanna Engelbert for Collection II.

Color: Black
Price: IDR 2,439,000

15. Attract Round Pierced Earrings, White, Rhodium Plated – Silver (WG)
And the last of Swarovski Earring Recommendation. Shining all day with these rhodium-coated earrings. The perfect gift, they shine with everlasting grace. Pair with other Swarovski jewelry to express your unique style.

Color: Silver
Price: IDR 1,239,000