Interesting Facts About Swarovski Crystals – Diamonds are always synonymous with luxury, making them more expensive than gold. When diamond prices were so fantastic, jewelry lovers are now fascinated by Swarovski’s name. Although it looks similar to the naked eye, when viewed visually, diamonds and crystals clearly have some significant differences.

Interesting Facts About Swarovski CrystalsFacts About Swarovski Crystals

swarovskijewelry – But sometimes these differences are unknown to laymen, and many are so convinced that they are Swarovski – Jewelry has it recognized as a diamond stone. The danger is that this is done by irresponsible people and eventually the buyer becomes a victim of fraud. I don’t want to experience that, do I? Below is an explanation of the world-famous crystal.

Swarovski diamonds and crystals are very different
If the Swarovski diamond is an artificial crystal made up of carbon elements, it undergoes tremendous pressure and extremely hot temperatures deep inside the Earth, produced in Wattens, Austria. Daniel Swarovski invented the cutting machine and turned the crystal into a beautiful diamond. Since these are artificial diamonds, they are much lower in quality than real diamonds.

For five generations, Daniel’s family continued the tradition of producing Swarovski crystals. Over time, the crystal has collaborated with brands or artists from around the world, making it increasingly popular. Like Philips in 2007 with crystal-clear in-ear headphones, it was featured in Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor video clip.

How Swarovski’s glass can shine.
Even if it’s like Swarovski being made of glass and adored for having the sparkle that looks as expensive as a diamond. How come? Apparently, this beautiful sparkle of crystal that makes it much sought after for jewelry lovers, is obtained by oxidation of lead. The more oxidation tin has, the brighter the color is.

Swarovski’s process of making imitations of rainbow glitter and producing beautiful glitter is chromatic aberration itself is a fancy name for prism and rainbow. When tin oxide is added to the crystal glass, this creates a chromatic intersection of the desired color index.

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Thanks to its more attractive luster than ordinary glass, Interesting Facts About Swarovski Crystals made it suitable for use in jewelry. Moreover, this sparkling crystal at a glance looks so luxurious that it can be mistaken for a diamond. This beautiful sparkle is also obtained through Pure Shine cutting techniques used in the production process. This technique of pure brilliance causes glass crystals to have many “crowns”, resulting in a very high bias index. This extraordinary splendor of luxury makes Interesting Facts About Swarovski Crystals a choice for those who crave luxury but have more affordable ability than having to buy diamond stones.

Cubic zirconia, highest quality crystal.
For If you’re so interested in jewelry, Swarovski’s name is clearly often likened to zirkonia. Just so you know, these two materials are often used for jewelry because they both have very beautiful luster and different colors. No wonder jewelry lovers want to have it.

Although they look the same, they have different ingredients. Although Swarovksi is made of crystalline glass, namely finely ground silicon dioxide, Cubic Zirconia is made of zirconium dioxide with additional magnesium or calcium. It acts as a stabilizer of zirconium dioxide.

Interestingly, however, Swarovski and Zirkonia were essentially produced by the same company. After its establishment in 1895, the Austrian company introduced innovations in cutting quality in 1965, which eventually produced zirconia. No wonder Cubic Zirconia is the production of crystals with the best quality.

Swarovski jewelry is safe and affordable.
It is often mentioned there that there are two types of Swarovski stones that are sold as imitation diamonds, which are gemstones for jewelry and crystals and can beautify fashion or products. Many fashion designers also fall in love with these crystals and use them in their designs.

Swarovski’s existence is not only able to provide a luxurious and glamorous effect, the strong Crystal can also achieve a lifespan of up to 15 years. The color of this crystal glass can also be adjusted to the color of the T-shirt design you are planning, so it will certainly beautify the creation and increase its sales power.

As mentioned above, the glittering beauty of Swarovski is due to the oxide content. For your information: Oxides themselves are substances containing minerals and consisting of titanium oxide and zinc. Don’t worry, this oxide is so friendly on the skin that users of imitation diamond jewelry can use it comfortably.

Choose Swarovski smartly at an affordable price and high quality.
Why is it made of glass, even if it’s diamond, Swarovski’s price is much cheaper. Although the price is cheaper than gold or silver, this synthetic gemstone is able to give a luxurious and extraordinarily elegant impression. This glass crystal jewelry you can buy for hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Because Swarovski’s price depends on how much crystal is used in jewelry or in the design of a product. In order for this beautiful crystal glass to last long, it is good to understand how to take good care of it.

First, do not allow Swarovski crystals to be exposed to excess water over a long period of time. If you accidentally clean the lotion or perfume and drink it immediately, you can wipe it with a clean cloth to make the crystal shine again.

Swarovski Crystals

However, there are some things you should consider before buying Swarovski crystals. The reason is that Swarovski is one of the brand variants with a long history and preferential treatment.

1. One hundred years of Swarovski’s long history, synthetic crystals

Swarosvski is not actually a particular type of rock brand, but rather a brand. In 1895, an Austrian named Daniel Swarovski and his colleagues filed a patent for a crystal cutting machine that could produce perfect cuts. In doing this, he set his ambitious goal of creating a “diamond for everyone,” meaning that even ordinary people could perform gracefully by wearing real Swarovski diamonds.

Swarovski’s cut is almost perfect. The cut crystalline rock emits light almost equivalent to a diamond that must be measured by the 4C method. Since then, his popularity has skyrocketed. Hollywood ordered a lot of her jewelry as property, just like the royal princess did.

2. The Edelweiss logo variant is still very popular.

The Swarovski crystal is famous for its fancy box of goose logos. But if you ever find Swarovski with an edelweis logo, don’t accuse him of being a fake! In fact, some collectors dared to set a very expensive price for this variant.

The Swarovski crystal had an edelweis flower logo when it was established. Its founder loved Austria’s homeland and used the country’s national flower, symbolizing the sacredness, dignity and beauty of the Austrian mountain state decorated with edelweis. Therefore, Swarovski’s authenticity remains determined by the quality and certificate accompanying his purchase. There’s even Swarovski that doesn’t have a logo. This happened when this company was just founded.

3. “Aurora Borealis” is a Swarovski brand.

In 1956, Daniel Swarovski’s son collaborated with the famous brand Christian Dior. He created a crystal variant that had a thin transparent layer over a crystal cross-section, so there was actually a rainbow-like effect like Northern Light, a natural phenomenon that usually occurs at midnight on snow-covered plains. . The variant was very successful and was later patented, so the Swarovski brand gained a foothold in the world jewelry market.

4. The Best Way to Treat Swarovski Crystals

How to treat Swarovski crystals is actually not as hard as other jewelry. However, since Swarovski is not as hard as diamonds, keep in mind that it is best to avoid using them for too difficult activities. Intense physical activity, such as exposure to chemicals or even excessive water exposure. The proximity to high temperatures is also unfavorable for Swarovski crystals because they can cause the bead to break.

Avoid wearing them while swimming or wearing lotion or perfume. However, the good news is that Swarovski crystals can be cleaned quickly just by wiping them with a soft cloth.