Tips For Cleaning Swarovski Crystals

How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

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Tips For Cleaning Swarovski CrystalsHow to Clean Swarovski Crystals – Swarovski is a company that produces beautiful jewelry. Keeping this jewelry clean and shiny can be a challenge. Swarovski crystals have a thin protective coating and are made of gold or rhodium, so not all cleaning methods are safe to use. Diamonds have always been synonymous with luxury, making them more expensive than gold.

Tips For Cleaning Swarovski Crystals

How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

swarovskijewelry – At a time when the price of diamonds is so fantastic, jewelry lovers are currently fascinated by the name Swarovski. Even though they are similar to the naked eye, diamonds and crystals have different beautiful properties.

But sometimes this difference is not known to lay people, and many believe that their Swarovski jewelry makes it recognizable as a diamond stone. The danger is if this is done by irresponsible individuals and ultimately the buyer becomes a victim of fraud. I don’t want to experience that, right? Below is an explanation of this world-famous crystal.

Diamonds and Swarovski crystals are very different
If Swarovski diamonds are artificial crystals consisting of the element carbon, subjected to tremendous pressure and very hot temperatures deep inside the earth, they are produced in Wattens, Austria. It was Daniel Swarovski who invented the cutting machine and turned crystals into beautiful diamonds. Since these are artificial diamonds, their quality is much lower than real diamonds.

For five generations, Daniel’s family has continued the tradition of producing Swarovski crystals. Over time, these crystals have collaborated with brands or artists from all over the world, which has made them even more popular. Like Philips in 2007 with crystal-studded in-ear headphones, featured in Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor video clip.

Even if it is like Swarovski which is made of glass and is adored because it has a shine that looks as expensive as diamonds. How could that be? Apparently, the beautiful shine of this crystal, which makes it much sought after by jewelry lovers, is obtained through the oxidation of tin. The more oxidation the tin has, the brighter the color.

Swarovski’s manufacturing process that imitates the sparkle of a rainbow and produces a beautiful shine is chromatic aberration itself is a fancy name for prisms and rainbows. When tin oxide is added to crystal glass, it creates chromatic deviations from the desired color index.

Thanks to its more attractive shine than ordinary glass, Swarovski is therefore suitable for use as jewelry. What’s more, these sparkling crystals look so luxurious at a glance that they could be mistaken for diamonds. This beautiful shine is also achieved through the Pure Shine cutting technique used in the production process.

This pure brilliance technique causes the glass crystal to have many “crowns”, resulting in a very high refractive index leading. This extraordinary splendor of luxury is what makes Swarovksi the choice for those who crave luxury but have the ability to be more affordable than having to buy diamonds.

Luckily, there are some simple strategies you can use to care for your Swarovski crystal jewelry. Use the dry cloth method for routine maintenance and cleaning or use dish soap only occasionally for thorough cleaning. Continue reading this article to find out how to clean your Swerovski.

Cleaning with a Dry Lint-Free Cloth

1. Hold the crystal jewelry in one hand and a lint-free cloth in the other. You may also need cotton gloves to protect your jewelry from fingerprints when handling it. As a way to clean it, you should use a dry cloth to regularly clean or care for your Swarovski crystal jewelry.

2. Polish the crystal – Your crystal. Polish the crystals carefully and one at a time using a lint-free cloth. Polish any crystals you have in circular motions. Polishing your Swarovski crystal jewelry regularly with a lint-free cloth is the best way to keep it shiny and beautiful for many years.

3. Continue until your jewelry is perfect. Continue polishing until you have cleaned all the crystals and are satisfied with the results. If your crystal jewelry still looks dull or dirty, you can continue with the soap cleaning method.


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Clean with Gentle Dishwashing Soap

1. Gather your ingredients. You will need a soft-bristled toothbrush (you can use an old toothbrush that you no longer use), dish soap, a small bowl of water, and a lint-free cloth. Don’t use this cleaning method too often because it can attack the thin protective layer on the crystal.

2. Wet the toothbrush that you have prepared. You may need a small bowl of water to dampen your toothbrush while cleaning the crystals.

3. Put a little dish soap on a wet toothbrush. Use a little soap the first time and add more later if needed.

4. Cleanse your crystals. Gently use a toothbrush to remove any dust or dirt from each crystal one by one. X Research source Do not brush the crystal vigorously with a toothbrush, but carefully remove dust and dirt stuck to the crystal. Don’t cleanse all the crystals at once. It’s best to focus on just one crystal each time you cleanse.

5. Flush the crystals to remove any remaining soap suds. Clean the crystals with warm running water to remove any soap residue. X Research Source (Warning: The crystal is slippery. You should place a bowl or a small container with a filter around the drain if you accidentally drop the crystal.)

6. Dry the crystals. Gently pat your jewelry dry using a soft, lint-free cloth. You can also place it on a cloth to make sure your jewelry is completely dry. X Research source Don’t store your jewelry until it is completely dry.

Clean Swarovski Crystals


Ensure Swarovski Crystal Jewelry is Always Clean

1. Put on your jewelry last. Don’t wear your jewelry before applying lotion, makeup, perfume, or hair care products. If you do this, your jewelry may become dull or exposed to harsh chemicals and suffer permanent damage.

2. Remove crystal jewelry before doing activities such as washing hands, showering, bathing or swimming. Chlorine in pools and hot springs can damage the thin layer that protects crystals and makes them shine. Soap and other personal care products can also damage the coating and permanently damage crystal jewelry.

3. Store your jewelry in a soft cloth bag. Don’t put all the crystals in the same bag to prevent the jewelry from getting tangled or scratched. You can also use original jewelry packaging as a container.

4. Never use hard objects to clean windows. Do not attempt to scrape or remove dirt from Swarovski crystal jewelry. You may scratch the crystal coating and permanently damage your jewelry.

  • Consider purchasing a special jewelry cleaning cloth and some cotton gloves to clean your Swarovski crystal polish jewelry. To keep your jewelry in good condition, polish it after every use.
  • Never use alcohol, toothpaste or other abrasive materials to clean your Swarovski crystal jewelry. The protective layer of jewelry can be attacked and scratched by these cleaning agents, which can cause permanent damage. Also avoid other jewelry cleaners that contain alcohol.
  • Never soak Swarovski crystal jewelry in water or cleaning solutions. Soaking can cause the color of the crystal to fade and also damage the metal parts of the jewelry.
  • Do not expose your Swarovski crystal jewelry to sunlight or excessive heat as this can damage the thin layer of the jewelry and affect its appearance.