Look Elegant With Luxurious Sparkling Swarovski Jewelry – Looking elegant is every woman’s dream. Especially if the event you are attending is a prestigious event that emphasizes the appearance from top to bottom. That’s why BP Guide has special tips for those of you who want to look elegant with Swarovski jewelry. Let’s find out directly in this article!

Look Elegant With Luxurious Sparkling Swarovski Jewelry

Look elegant with luxurious sparkling Swarovski jewelry

swarovskijewelry – For those of you who don’t know, Swarovski is a crystal created by Austrian crystal entrepreneur, Daniel Swarovski, to become a famous brand. Swarovski has more than 120 years of experience in the world of jewelry making.

For lovers of luxury jewelry, the name Swarovski is indeed an idol. However, luxury here doesn’t mean the price is exorbitant and unaffordable. What is clear is that Swarovski jewelry sparkles very beautifully, just like diamonds.

Swarovski crystals are long-lasting in the jewelry world. Production is carried out consistently, with electronic and precision machines. Thanks to its flying hours, its shine is known to be as beautiful as a diamond.

What are Swarovski crystals?

Swarovski started with Daniel Swarovski, who founded a company that produced crystal glass. The crystal was handcrafted into high-quality pieces in Austria in 1895. In fact, for him, crystal was a means of expressing and developing imagination.

Not just a source of income. In this way, Swarovski continues to develop into a well-known trademark.

Then what about the crystal material itself? There are many, yes. Swarovski has beautiful colors and beautiful sparkles.

Swarovski crystals with added tin oxide ensure a more beautiful shine. And made into various beautiful jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to clothing decoration designs such as dresses and belts.

Now we can see Swarovski crystals in the clothing designs of many famous figures and in various well-known fashion brands. For example, Manolo Blahnik shoes add a touch of glamor to satin clothing.

Apart from that, Swarovski crystals also decorate crystal chandeliers, such as in the film “The Phantom of the Opera” (2004) and in several video clips of world singers such as Michael Jackson and Nelly Furtado.

Swarovski’s crystal production is so amazing that it has now become a popular brand among jewelry lovers and for adding sparkling materials to various designs. No wonder no one refused.

Differences between Swarovski, Zirconia and Diamonds

OK, here are the benefits of each product tested. Because of course diamonds, Swarovski and zirconia have their respective advantages, both in terms of value or quality, market price and design.

For those who want to know the differences between the three, here is a brief explanation. In essence, all three are used as jewelry.

However, Swarovski and zirconia are very similar at first glance. However, if you look closely, the two look different. In fact, it also takes experience to know the differences in crystals in circulation. So don’t rush.

The difference between Swarovski and diamonds is now visible in the raw materials. Diamonds are formed from carbon formed over hundreds of years through processes beneath the earth’s crust and high temperatures. This, along with the shine and strength of the material, is one of the reasons why they are so expensive.

These crystals are now made by experienced artists using glass cutting tools. If you look closely, different processes and raw materials naturally produce different shines. Just like adding a layer of Northern Lights, this is also a process to produce Swarovski crystals of higher quality than other manufactured crystals.

Find out the market price of Swarovski

To get the item you like at the right price, first visit an online jewelry store. Since Swarovski jewelry became popular on the Internet, many sellers charge very reasonable prices for their great collections.

But for that, don’t let yourself be tempted by super cheap offers! However, you should be careful of counterfeit products. Make sure your application and documents are valid. Alternatively, you can also use fake products.

Even if it is not original, as long as the design is still beautiful and luxurious and is recognized as an imitation, it doesn’t matter because it is not a form of counterfeit. Swarovski is offered to different class segments at different prices. So the choice of taste and budget is completely in the hands of the buyer.

You also need to know how to care for Swarovski.
It seems like there’s no point in buying luxury jewelry like Swarovski if you don’t even know how to care for it. . So if you really like showing off your jewelry, you should first know how to clean and care for it. Because the care you take when caring for it will show itself when you use it.

You will look elegant if jewelry adorns your neck or fingers. So how? Although easy in theory, cleaning can be a challenge in practice because genuine Swarovski jewelry contains a thin layer of gold or rhodium, which is quite risky.

Don’t clean it often with detergent. If necessary, just do it once and gently then dry. Meanwhile, for routine maintenance, clean it with a soft and dry cloth, such as a glasses cloth. Rub gently.

Packaging is usually intended to protect the crystal from scratches. However, if the packaging can no longer be used, use a soft velvet or suede bag as a storage container.

You can’t wear Swarovski jewelry all the time. Don’t wear accessories when doing fun activities such as swimming at the beach. Always put your jewelry away before showering, washing your face, and applying lotion.

Only use it if it has not been exposed to solvents as this will only reduce the metal content of your crystal jewelry. Of course you want the shine to last forever like a diamond, right? Protect yourself from collisions with monkeys, that’s for sure. However, crystals can break and their beauty will be affected or even lost.


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You must have this Swarovski jewelry

So, instead of references, here are some recommendations for Swarovski jewelry that you can look at and consider collecting or giving as special gifts to people you love. Come on, let’s look at it together!

Iconic swan pendant

Have you ever seen a crystal pendant? in the form of a graceful swan? The Iconic Swan Pendant is truly an iconic Swarovski jewelery collection. This pendant necklace exudes a romantic and glamorous taste. It is made of rhodium plated metal and decorated with crystal stones. Legendary!

The size of the pendant is 2 x 1.5 cm and the chain length is 38 cm. To get this iconic Swarovski collection of swan pendants, you can order it directly via Map Email for IDR 2,069,000.

Elegant With Swarovski Jewelry


Heroim Set

This Swarovski jewelry set is very beautiful for your collection. In rose gold, this Swarovski necklace and earrings set exudes softness and feminine sparkle.

What’s interesting is that the necklace and the two earring cables are made with great precision. Suitable for wearing at formal or casual events with your extended family.

The necklace is 14 7/8 inches long and the earrings are 3/8 inches long. Interested? Come and get the attractive Heroim – Medium set now on mail card for IDR 2,428,300.

Vittore XL ring

Maybe you need sparkling jewelry – Beautiful glitter for a friend or family member’s wedding that will definitely make you happy.

The Swarovski sparkle on the ring you wear increasingly radiates the aura of your happy and happy face.

Don’t forget, the Vittore XL ring also has investment value that you should protect. Even though it is not as expensive as diamonds, the appearance of this Swarovski ring is very similar to a diamond.

In addition to beautiful and luxurious Swarovski stones, this ring features a layer of soft rose gold combined with sparkling crystals. Check out this ring in an email card now.

Henrietta pendant set

This recommendation is very suitable for those of you who make it a gift, you know. If you are looking for a beautiful gift for the woman you love or perhaps for a daughter on her graduation day, you can consider this Swarovski necklace and earring set, the Henrietta Pendant Set.

Apart from not having to bother looking for diamonds in a bag which are clearly more expensive, this jewelry set looks beautiful and luxurious and with the right cut really exudes elegance without having to look excessive.

This necklace and ring design conveys inspiration from the beauty of winter. The crystals are sharp and clear, with a sparkle from the rhodium coating. Suitable for happy events such as attending weddings, meetings and various formal events.

Are you interested in making a Henrietta pendant set as a gift, for a friend or for yourself? Come check it out on Mapemall now! This necklace and earring set is sold for IDR 1,637,300.